Brumbies vs Rebels: Super Rugby AU result, recap and highlights

The Brumbies host the Rebels in Round 1 of Super Rugby AU.

Video highlights follow below the live blog recap text.

Result: Brumbies 31-23 Rebels

All over

Despite that blip…. the favourites to win Super Rugby AU come out top.


Was it going to happen any other way than with a rolling maul? Brumbies have a line-out in the corner on the 5m line… Miller is the man who scores, but that was quintessential Brumbies driving maul. Conversion is good, too….


Penalty! Brumbies are pinged for…………. you guessed it… scrum infringement. The penalty is slotted and we’ve got a one-point difference.

Well then…

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Rebels have found some oomph. Dane Haylett-Petty scores and it’s converted… so momentum looks to be shifting a little bit.Well, if they can hold their nerve.


Whew, that was tiring. Uelese is the man who scores for the Rebels.. would you believe it… the Rebels just out-rolling-mauled the Brumbies.

Extended break in play

Quite literally. Fainga’a is down and off the pitch after getting clattered – looks like a broken nose.

Stuck in first gear

Brumbies are lurking… and have been lurking in the Rebels’ half for some time now. Every time the visitors wrangle possession, though, they decide they don’t kike that idea and spill it back for the Brumbies.


Like we were saying… this could get nasty. Deep inside their own half, Powell retrieves….Lolesio receives out wide…. he cranks up the speed and runs nearly to the tryline.. but Wright did well to get ahead of him and he’s the man who dots over.

Prrt prrt

Second half is underway.

Time for a break

That went largely as expected. The Rebels look asleep… the Brumbies look like they’ve not woken up properly yet.. so things might get much worse for their visitors in the second half.

TRY! Fainga’a!

Powell involved there again, ferrets out the ball at the break down and finds Fainga’a who just ploughs through and over the line. Rebels look stuck.


Ah, cookie cutter stuff. Line out…. rolling maul… Powell throws the dummy, steps to the right and has to stretch as far as scrumhalf arms can stretch. So every nearly lost control there.

No mistake this time

Again for the offside infringement, Fainga’a is penalised this time. Toomua converts.

Missed penalty

Toomua misses a rather ambitious kick after Alaalatoa was pinged for infringement. There’s been a few of those… and a bit of backchat which the ref isn’t too pleased about.

Toomua mina!

No that doesn’t quite work, does it. Anyway Rebels have three points back after Toomua booted over a penalty. James Slipper was pinged for infringement.

TRY! Muirhead!

Can this team just give us a chance to have a sip of coffee? No, the answer is no. Muirhead whizzes through after picking up a pass from the lineout. Conversion is good too.

Here we go then

Some more looking like you’ve been to the barber recently haircuts on show here. Anyway, Brumbies making a nuisance of themselves already.

Team news

Oh ok

This is a thing now. Is it?

Gday mates

Kick off is at 11:15 SAST. While you wait, you might want to catch the Highlanders vs Crusaders.

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