The Sims burglar music that still horrifies and haunts players

The Sims 4 might see the return of the NPC burglar in the near future – or so we hope. Sim Guru Frost recently said on Twitter that the team is “always thinking” about them.

The most recent base game update in June, saw the return of old favourite NPCs like firefighters and repo-people, reigniting hope that the burglars might make a comeback, too.

Burglars have been part of The Sims franchise since its inception. OG Simmers who have played the game since its inception are particularly traumatised by this crook because of the burglar music that introduced them.

In the original version of The Sims, burglars usually appeared around 3:00 in the morning and if your Sims didn’t have a burglar alarm, they’d pretty much help themselves to everything from your PC to your fridge. Unless you managed to wake up your Sim to call the police, there was nothing you as a player could do but watch.

The Sims original burglar music

Similar tunes played with the NPC raccoon, El Bandito, appeared to raid Sims’ trash cans and making a racket.

Burglars in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3

It wasn’t until The Sims 3 that Sims themselves had some ability to interact with burglars. Nevertheless, they remained as creepy and as frustrating as in the first edition of the game.

The Sims burglar is also known as “Some Sneaky Sim” and was male in the original game. In The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, burglars could be either male or female.

The Sims burglar music through all the editions

This is how the tune for burglars has changed through all the editions of the Sims games through the years.

Only one question remains: What will this sound like in The Sims 4, right?

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