Armchair travel in pictures: Let’s go to Seychelles

An island paradise far away from everything - that's exactly what the Seychelles is for.

If you can’t go to the travel destination of your dreams, then let those destinations come to you.

Stuck because of a global pandemic and borders in varying degrees of lockdown – or if you’re just looking to engage your wanderlust… you can see glimpses of the world by glancing through photographs.

It’s no replacement for the real thing, sure – but something is better than nothing, right? Sometimes we just need a little distraction from reality.

Almost every description of the Seychelles appears to be a bit over the top with lush adjectives that border on clichés. But these islands are magical. It’s paradise.

The Seychelles islands are far away, peaceful and stunningly beautiful.

It is the peace and quiet that attracted the writer Somerset Maugham when he sought to work on a novel without interruption. Most visitors do not go there to work. The main draw of the islands has always been the beaches, snorkeling and diving. The attractions of the natural world particularly the birdlife, tropical fish and the unique physical environment are a bonus.

Travel to Seychelles in pictures

Beautiful beach at Seychelles, Praslin, Anse Lazio

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