Sims game pack icon leak: The free pack icon explained

The free pack icon that is visible on the screengrab of the new Sims 4 game pack that was leaked, is an old icon.

Ever since the new Sims 4 game pack icon was accidentally (or was it?) leaked on the official Sims website,  many people have been zoning in on the other visible icon from the screengrab.

The icon is simply a picture frame that looks like it represents a portrait of a couple holding hands. Some people have wondered whether this means there is also a free pack that has been leaked.

sims 4 free pack icon leaked game pack

Unfortunately, that is  not the case. The free pack icon visible in the screengrab from the new leaked Sims 4 game pack is an older icon.

That free Sims 4 pack was part of a promotion for The Sims Mobile. It gave Sims players an interactive picture frame when linking The Sims Mobile to their accounts.

That promotion is no longer available, however, if you want the picture frame, you can download it as custom content – as per the forum post on the official Sims website.

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