Somebody built a replica of Cape Town’s Mount Nelson in The Sims 4

While this is not an exact copy of the Mount Nelson hotel, this build in The Sims 4 comes pretty close to looking like the real thing.

You can’t even have hotels in The Sims 4 without any mods at the moment (not at the time of writing anyway), but that doesn’t stop players from doing absolutely incredible things. Even if the subject of their incredibleness is a bit…. well… you’ll see.

Like building replicas of some of the world’s most famous hotels. Or rather, building places inspired by some of the world’s most famous hotels.

Take this build inspired by the Mount Nelson hotel in Cape Town, for example. Yes, it really is that garish pink in real life (for those not familiar with the hotel).

If you are stuck because of the various levels of lockdown restrictions all around the world, visiting the Mount Nelson in The Sims 4 isn’t the worst idea.

Here is a photo of the actual Mount Nelson hotel from its website.

Mount Nelson Actual Hotel

And here is another screenshot of the Mount Nelson built in The Sims 4.

Actually, even under normal circumstances, most of us probably can’t visit the hotel because it is eye-wateringly expensive. So this is universally appealing.

mount nelson build the sims4

Created by Louise_Goethals, who says it has taken over a year to complete, “on and off” and that it took “blood, sweat and tears” to create.

The replica of the Sims 4 Mount Nelson hotel is described as follows:

It is a restaurant, but works perfectly as a spa lot type if you don’t want DO’s bugs. It only has 8 dining tables, so the service is mostly fine. The dress code is formal, which reflects the highly luxurious and high-end style of the establishment. It is the perfect place to celebrate a grand achievement, have a high tea, get pampered, have a holiday, get married and hold a honeymoon etc. The lot is very versatile.

Outside: gardens, meditation areas, pool, wedding area, basketball court (since we don’t have tennis) and a dining area.

Seriously, this is some incredible work and the detail that has gone into everything from the interior of hotel lobby and dining room right down to the landscaping of the gardens is simply incredible.

sims4 mount nelson hotel build

Who needs the real world and all that risk when you can just make it in The Sims 4 and go there for free from the comfort of your own house?

It doesn’t even matter that the hotel is decked out in ALL THE PINK EVER, with build skills like this in The Sims 4, it’s worth exploring just to be in awe of the talent of the builder.

sims4 mount nelson hotel build

Did your wedding get cancelled because of the whole pandemic thing? No worries, you can use the Mount Nelson replica in The Sims 4 to host it here.

sims4 mount nelson hotel build
sims4 mount nelson hotel build
sims4 mount nelson hotel build
sims4 mount nelson hotel build
sims4 mount nelson hotel build
sims4 mount nelson hotel build
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