Sims 4: We made this OK wallpaper for your laptop


The Sims has always had a sense of humour and a bunch of in jokes. It’s one of the things that makes the game and community so great.

The June patch for The Sims 4 added another iconic joke. One of the loading screens now simply reads OK. It’s a reference to the somewhat limited response Sims can offer to some of the random phone calls they get.

To celebrate something so completely iconic, we’ve created these desktop backgrounds in five different swatch styles so that you never have to be without a deadpan OK when you’re not playing the Sims again.

Download Sims 4 OK load screen wallpapers

You can also download them for your phone, you might just have to resize them to fit. You can preview them from the gallery below. Clicking on the image will enlarge them and open the high-res version in a new window. To download, right click and use the save as

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