Tips for making a healthier pizza

Pizza is delicious, but if you’re watching your weight, it’s not ideal. But there are some small tweaks you can make to make your pizza a little bit healthier.

Pizza is great. It’s quick and easy to make, it’s delicious, most kids love it – and so do most adults. It can be a cheap option, too. Pizza also freezes well, so you can make loads of it ahead of time and quickly reheat it when you’re in a pinch for time.

There’s just one little problem with pizza.

While pizza is indeed great, it is not that great for you. As a treat, no problem, but pizza can be loaded with fat and packed with calories.

But it doesn’t have to be that way – you can make a pizza that’s delicious and not drowning in the bad fats.

Tips for making a healthier pizza

Firstly, just think about it a bit. Do you really need all of those toppings and all of that cheese? Do you really need to stuff the crust with a sausage and eat six slices? Not that you can’t do this every once in a while as a treat, but if pizza is one of your go-to easy freezer meals…well maybe think about these tips to lighten the load.

 Use low carb flour

Oh, don’t roll your eyes. If you make your pizza base from scratch, look for alternative flours to use as a base. Or just buy some healthier premade bases.

Don’t use salami or bacon

Rough. We know. Salami and bacon is packed with the not-so-good stuff. If you’re going all out on the salami, it’s probably more fat than meat quite often. If you like a meaty pizza, use ham or chicken instead. Or, why not try a vegetarian option.

Use the right cheese

A pizza isn’t a pizza without cheese, but it can pile on more calories than you need very easily. Look for a low fat mozzarella or just don’t be so heavy handed with the cheese. Alternatively, gasp, try pizza without cheese if you’re watching your weight.  

Veggies for days

Teach your children (or yourself) to eat vegetables. For pizza toppings, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, onions and chilli all work really well.

Add more salad on the side

Nothing is more delicious than a newly baked pizza served with a green salad with crisp lettuce , baby spinach, tomatoes and red onions on top of it. If you’re skimping on the cheese for the pizza, you can always add a bit of feta to the salad, too.