The Sims 4 CC: Modern WFH set-up [desk + décor]

These gorgeous Sims 4 CC sets come with a range of swatches and decor objects that work great in an industrial apartment look.

With the world working from home more often, it is only natural that our Sims will do the same. While The Sims 4 worlds have (mercifully) been spared being affected by a global pandemic (although, we did try to imagine what The Sims 4 expansion packs might be like if they were…), many players like bringing the real world into their game.

The Sims 4 custom content creators have been putting out some incredible object sets to fit the WFH theme and we will be curating some of our favs and sharing them with you as often as possible.

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The Sims 4 CC: Work from home set up

Our first ever Sims 4 CC curation pick features one of our favourite creators from The Sims Resource. SIMcredible! has some of the best Sims 4 CC alpha-type objects we’ve seen. Their designs are modern and clean and the furniture works very well with apartment looks.

For this particular set up, we’ve mixed objects from their Athena and Zara set (all available for free at

We love the Sims 4 CC wire peg boards from these sets, it goes great for the industrial/exposed brick walls. The images on the wall pegboard can’t be changed, but the furniture comes in a great variety of swatches.

The lights from this Sims 4 CC are also great. They are bright and soft not harsh and fluorescent – an issue that often bugs us with CC lights.

The desks from the Athena CC set are also packed with more slots than standard objects in The Sims 4 – ideal for clutter decorators.

Our only slight issue was that the floating desk isn’t quite the right size for standard Sims 4 computers. Using a non CC PC will cause a slight overhang on these desks – but if you use the CC PC, there are no such issues.

The Athena set also comes with a Sims 4 CC chess table. The textures on some of these swatches can be a bit harsh, but you’ll hardly notice it after a while.

The wire chairs from the Athena set have a wide range of colour options and would work equally well as a desk chair or dining table.

We also used the Zara set to make a little reading nook for this work-from-home setup. This nook would work just as well as an entryway or as additional decor in a bedroom.

The rug from this Sims 4 CC set is gorgeous, compact and square – also available in various textures. We simply adore the prints on the cushions here, too.

There are many more to choose from. But oh, that ceiling… what we wouldn’t do for the ability to paint ceilings (without a mod) in The Sims 4. Sigh.

There are more decor objects available in both sets which we have not featured here, but if you like what you see here – you will LOVE the rest of both these sets.

If you are a Sims 4 CC creator and you want us to check out your creations, feel free to drop us a line to hello [@] extra time dot media and we’ll have a look.

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