Latest Sims 4 update adds a lot more large debug items [pictures]

Why was the latest Sims 4 update such a huge download when it seemed like there were only a few minor changes? These new debug items might have something to do with it.

The Sims 4 rolled out a new patch for September this week. Aside from a few bug fixes, the most notable change from the patch notes was the ability to place windows stacked on top of each other (which has broken CC windows, doors and arches) and the fact that Sims can now elope to vacation worlds.

But the latest Sims 4 update was a massive one – over 800MB for us on PC. It seemed a bit odd that a patch of that size only had some relatively minor updates.

Turns out there was much more to that patch after all – lots and lots of very large debug assets have been added for the base game and some of the other Sims 4 packs.

Sims 4 latest update: Lots of new debug objects

While building on Friday, we switched over to the magical debug and hiddenobjects mode and spotted some curious new assets we had not seen before.

While there is nothing unusual about these – large shell assets like building exteriors came with Discover University and Realm of Magic, amongst others, but we are pretty sure that we have never seen any of these in debug mode until today.

There are shells that resembles decks to be used as a base for houses – and the houses with the decks themselves.

There were also these weird looking shells which looked like somebody forgot to colour them in.

And there are some large new building shells as well as some new bridges and other industrial looking additions. We do know that the world in the new Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu game pack looks absolutely incredible, but these assets surely would not ship with the base game, would it?

There is the odd chance that we are totally using our minds and these have been there all along, of course. Although, we doubt that.

We haven’t had a look around the neighbourhoods to see if they have all been updated with these new assets just yet, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

We are not going to try and speculate about what – if anything – these new assets might mean. They could very well just be part of giving the worlds a bit of a refresh because of the updates to the windows.

Whatever they are, building is about to get a whole lot more interesting. We’ll have a poke around to see what other new debug assets we can find after the latest Sims 4 update.

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