Some Sims in the Star Wars: Journey to Batuu pack speak with accents

Some of the characters from the new Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu pack speak with special accents. But they are limited.

The new Sims 4 game pack, Star Wars: Journey to Batuu, will launch on Tuesday. The pack has not been universally well-received with criticism ranging from the lack of replay value in the pack and the fact that the “aliens” are just masks.

The whole world, gorgeous as it is, is also basically a shell. There are some decent Create-A-Sim and build/buy objects, but many early access reviewers have said that the pack is a little underwhelming.

But there is one super cool addition we have spotted. Some of the key Star Wars characters in the new Sims 4 Journey to Batuu game pack speak with an “accent”. Still in Simlish – but with an accent. Check out the video below.

Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu – characters with accents

There is one downside to these special accents, though. As @onlyabidoang later added, the voices are somewhat limited (we won’t go into the criticism that followed that revelation).

@onlyabidoang did add that these Sims can be added to families and said that there is a “Rey” and “Kylo Ren” hidden trait for Sims with special voices. If the Star Wars Sims are added to families, they will retain their “accents” – presumably with the limited voice animations.

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