Weird and wonderful things Sims do #131

In today’s episode of what are these Sims doing: fishing outside people’s homes and playing some tunes to get rid of an uninvited glitching Sim.

Ah, The Sims. For many of us, it has been part of our lives since Bob and Bettie Newbie first decided they will decorate their house however they please, even if it constitutes a crime against interior decorating.

For the last six years, The Sims 4 has gone through ups and downs. Recently, there have been a few more downs than ups, but we keep playing because how else will we cope with our childhood trauma if we can no longer afford therapy?

If you mostly play as a builder, clicking over into live mode can be a wild ride. Sims get up to some whack things. But who are we to stop them?

Instead, we’ll document them. This is the first of a series which will follow in no particular order at no specific interval. But let’s indulge this oddity.

Sims showing up to fish outside your house

Fishing, a tremendously useful skill. Some might even use the Sims 4 skills cheats to improve that skill and let their Sim make a career out of it.

If you have ever gone fishing, you will know that it is good to get started early in the morning. Applause for this Sim who got that message. Well done, Sim.

But remember, this is The Sims, meaning strange behaviour is never that far away. Clearly only one of these Sims is taking this seriously enough to dress for the occasion.

Turns out Maaike had the same idea. Now married thanks to whatever random storyline MCCC has thought up for her, Maaike joins the fishing party. Like all good fishing parties, they fish in silence.

But why let a perfectly good silent fishing session remain that way? It is time to make music. Let’s begin with a melody. Maaike remains a picture of concentration while the music plays.

Maaike decides it is now her turn to jam the tunes and it’s like a tag-team band camp over here. Keep in mind, not a single word has been exchanged between these two. Sim on the left suffers a bout of the well-known Sim illness Staring And Doing Nothing For a Few Sim Minutes.

Oh but wait. Somebody is here to finally speak to our Sim Doe. But Sim Doe is not interested in having a chat.

Nope, she’s gonna fish right through the Sim insisting on speaking to her. CAN’T YOU SEE WE ARE FISHING HERE SIM, NOTHING DISTURBS THE SACRED CODE OF SILENT FISHING.

Freeze all motor Sim functions

Somebody has not been paying close enough attention to Westworld. Glitches in the game are inevitable. But that does not mean they are any less creepy when they happen like this.

Is she batting her eyelids in an attempt to woo over Sim Doe and lure (oh yes, we did) her away from her intensive fishing trip? Nah. Probably just a weird glitch.

But this traverse tale does not end there, nope. Not content with assaulting this uninvited Sim with a fishing rod, Sim Doe decides to whip out a violin and begin playing sweet, sweet tunes. How she manages to keep a whole guitar and a whole violin just casually in her pocket, only the game’s developers will known.

Finally, the sound of the violin gets the message to the glitching Sim and they part ways, never to engage or even begin building their green hued friendship bar while the two would-be friends stare into the distance in silence and clogged autonomy.

Hey, Sims, look, you missed a fish you could actually catch. Hello? Better consult that Shift-click cheat to fix this mess.

The end.

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