Sims 4: Brookheights open world mod has drivable cars

Brookheights not only has an open world, but drivable cars, petrol stations and your Sims will even have to pay for parking.

It has been over six years since The Sims 4 launched. And it has been six years that players have been asking for drivable cars.

During the game’s early years, developers explained some of the complications involved in adding cars to the game. These issues largely centred around routing of the vehicles.

Recently, though, we thought that some of these issues had been resolved and it seemed possible that cars might very well come to The Sims 4 soon.

While that might still happen, we do know that it is not going to happen with the new Sims 4 expansion pack (whatever it might be) – after a recent update shared by The Sims 4 team.

That’s not to say cars might not come to the base game anyway, but if you can’t wait anymore there is some good news.

A Sims 4 content creator has answered the pleas of players who want their Sims to have cars.

Brookheights, the new open-world mod for The Sims 4 has drivable cars that can be filled at a petrol (gas) station.

In case you haven’t heard about the mod, it is created by Arnie from The Sims Plus and will be released in beta testing on Thursday, 8 October 2020 for Patreon subscribers.

Arnie has been sharing some of the early walkthroughs over on YouTube and it looks pretty cool.

Sims 4: Drivable cars and an open world

We’ve taken these clips below from the extended YouTube walkthrough video head of the Brookheights beta release. It shows a quick look at how the car system and the refill system (although, this Sim’s car is already filled up) works in the new Brookheights mod.

Sims can buy cars, fill them up with petrol/gas and will even have to pay for parking if they use their cars to visit certain places. Here’s a quick look at how that system works.

As mentioned, the mod will release in beta on 8 October for Arnie’s Patreon subscribers. We’ve signed up for the beta and can’t wait to give it a whirl.

For the mod to work properly, you need City Living and Get to Work at the very least. The more packs you have, the better the mod will work – because it relies on a lot of the tuning from other game’s expansion packs.

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