The Sims 4 Snowy Escape expansion: Seasons not needed

The Sims 4 Snow Escape expansion will not require the Seasons expansion pack to play.

The next Sims 4 expansion pack will have a winter wonderland theme and be called Snow Escape. All the details about the features of the pack will be revealed when the trailer is released, but there are some features we already know for sure.

Judging by both the first render for the trailer as well as some older community surveys, the snowy world will have, well…err….snow.

The Sims 4: Snow Escape expansion does not require Seasons

This has caused some confusion for players. Since The Sims 4 already has a Seasons expansion pack – which has snow, among all the other weather-related things, players have been wondering if they need the Season expansion for The Sims 4 in order for the new Snow Escape pack to work.

The answer is no, you do not need The Sims 4 seasons to enjoy the Snow Escape expansion. This was confirmed by the global community manager for The Sims, Sim Guru Frost, on Monday ahead of the trailer release for the pack.

However, if you do have Seasons (and this is to be confirmed), you might get some additional effects, like having the snow melt, for example. Much like how pollution impacts different worlds and different climates with the Eco Lifestyle Expansion pack.

The Snowy Escape expansion is the tenth for the popular Sims 4 simulation franchise and will be set in a mountainous, Asain-inspired world.

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