Sims 4 expansion packs: A quick build/buy overview of each one

Looking for a snapshot view of all the build/objects that came with each of The Sims 4 expansion packs? Look no further.

With ten Sims 4 expansion packs to choose from, it can feel a bit overwhelming to decide which one to pick whenever there’s a sale on. If you would prefer to indulge in something a bit more frivolous, we have also done a guide on what the worlds from each expansion pack would be like if The Sims 4 universe was affected by a global pandemic.

While we have previously looked at gameplay and more general overview of each of the Sims 4 expansion packs, this is a specific look at the build/buy objects that have been released with each pack.

To try and keep this as straight-forward as possible, we’ve put together images from each pack’s catalogue on Origin. This method as some limitations as listed below.

To be clear, this is by no means a definitive overview. The debug and live edit objects are not included for all packs.

For example, Get Together’s catalogue page on Origin includes several of the building shells (even the plain white ones) from live edit/debug, while Snowy Escape’s catalogue page does not include any of the building shells or the trains and other train station elements that came with the pack.

Eco Lifestyle’s catalogue page does not include the craftable items, which are all available through Build/Buy if you unlock them with cheats. The catalogue page for Eco Lifestyle also does not show any of the really industrial items that came with the pack, which is a real boon for builders.

Just looking at object catalogues do not give the full picture of gameplay additions the expansion pack will add. You should use this guide as part of your research about which Sims 4 pack to buy – not as the yardstick for what each pack as to offer.

Sims 4 expansion packs: New objects and CAS items at a glance

As we have already noted, the snapshot below is a general overview of the new items that came with each Sims 4 expansion pack, by using the objects listed on the Origin pages for each one. The listings are somewhat confusing themselves as they sometimes show some of the debug/live edit objects and sometimes do not.

The graphic below is merely meant to serve as a general overview of the number of items each new Sims 4 expansion pack will add to your game.

The galleries for the build/buy objects from each Sims 4 expansion pack are listed in alphabetical order below. Remember, these are the objects listed on the Origin page of each of these expansion packs and will not always include all the debug and other hidden items.

If you are viewing this on your mobile, remember, there are a lot of little images to load. They might take a little while.

Cats & Dogs

City Living

Discover University

Eco Lifestyle

Get Famous

Get Together

Get To Work

Island Living


Snowy Escape

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