Temperance the Angry Ghost: New NPC in The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff

She’s coming for you in the new Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack. She is Temperance… and she is very, very angry. She’s also mean. and destructive, just not the nicest Sim to be around, even by ghastly ghost standards.

The new Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack has arrived and between getting to know Bonehilda intimately and trying to find Guidry, this pack does have quite a bit to offer.

There is another new NPC introduced by this pack, too.  If you choose to place the new Haunted House Lot Type in your game, you might have seen the “She’s Coming For You” warning. Well, she is Temperance – and she is furious. You’ll also see the reference to her when using the special interactions with Guidry.

You can ask your ghostly housemate to help you when “someone terrible” appears. That terrible someone is Temeperance.

Temperance and Guidry’s ghastly history

The pack introduces new lore, with a seemingly sordid history between Guidry and Temperance. One of the new Build/Buy items in The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack is a painting called Temperance’s Manor. The description for that painting reads as follows: A painting of the last known residence of Temperance: malicious spirit, avid poltergeist, and former love interest of Claude René Duplantier Guidry. Rumour has it, she’s recently moved…

Since Guidry is perpetually flirty, we are going to assume that maybe there was a little bit of romance between these two and Temperance didn’t even take too kindly to Guidry’s philandering.

Whatever the beef between these two, Temperance will show up after a few nights in a Haunted House. She’s pretty mad and pretty destructive and your Sims will probably end up feeling Terrified. Guidry has some advice to help your Sims deal with her.

Having Bonehilda around can also help you temper Temperance. The Macabre Maid is specially trained to deal with ghosts who don’t know their place and will fight Temperance if she doesn’t leave when asked politely.

Temperance before she was a ghost

We don’t know much about Temperance’s history (yet), but we do know that with a few cheats we can get to see what she looks like when not glowing bright, furious red.

You can add her to your Sims 4 household with the Shift-Click cheat, but considering she’s got the mean trait and is just generally not pleasant to be around, we’re not sure why you would.

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