Sims 4 DLC Game Trials coming soon, logo leaked in the code

Yep, trials are definitely coming to The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 April patch revealed some interesting details about what’s potting under the hood in your simulated future. Most notable is the suggestion that DLC might soon be available to ‘try before you buy’.

While it is not clear exactly how the mechanics will work, The Sims 4 logo, appearing alongside the EA Access logo, with the world trial written underneath it, can be seen in the game files – and they appear for several different languages.

A few eagle eyed Simmers already managed to MacGyver some of the mechanisms from their games, following the April update. One text string said “trail content is only available for trial saves” and early suggestions are that players will get to play with packs to try, but those saves will be ‘locked’ after the trial ends.

The Sims 4 released the monthly base game update on Tuesday, largely focussing on bug fixes. The code for the game trails was uncovered then by modder TURBODRIVER with Lowpolypancake  also sharing some insights. Later, Crosimmer revealed further details of what some of the mechanisms of these trials might require.

A second update for The Sims 4 was released on Wednesday, although the details were quite sparse, with the intro blurb even reading “nothing to see here”.

We’re not sure if the logos we scratched out were added with the first or second patch, but they’re there, in more than one language, and the EA Access logo might suggest that that trials will only be available to players with an EA Access (or EA Play) subscription.

But if you want to go do some of your own digging, you can find the logos in the UI package file. There’s probably a whole bunch of other things in there too, considering there is a new Sims 4 Kit and a new Game Pack coming out on a yet to be confirmed date.

Run, young Padawans , dig.

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