About Extra Time Media: Who we are

Extra Time Media (ETM) was founded by multi-award-winning journalist, Antoinette Muller. Our coverage blends both timely topics like match predictions using data and graphics, as well as more evergreen content covering widespread topics.

These are the stories people read when they have extra time. And the stories they like reading so much they will find extra time to read them.

Borne out of the need to help publishers enhance their sports content, especially during global or continental tournaments, ETM ? like so many other businesses ? has had to pivot in 2020 and rethink what it means to be in the business of news.

While it was always our intention to broaden the range of topics covered, the challenges that came with 2020 accelerated the change.

When sport ground to a halt in the early months of the year, we immediately added gaming to our stable.

We have seen encouraging growth in this niche, especially with content relating to The Sims ? unsurprising perhaps since Antoinette was nicknamed Ant Sims in high school because of her passion (others might say slight obsession) with The Sims.

While there is still much uncertainty about what our world will look like in the next 12 months ? or even in the next 12 days in some cases ? the core of our mission remains the same: We tell the stories newsrooms don’t have time for.   

In 2021 and beyond, we hope to explore additional storytelling formats like Web Stories and offer like-minded publishers access to these content assets.

Our strength lies not just in our knowledge and expertise, but our ability to integrate that in a practical way, bridging the gap between editorial and tech in a way that few others can.

That comes from Antoinette winning multiple Sports Journalist of Year Awards – not to mention over 20 years and counting of playing The Sims – and our freelance contributors having worked with globally recognised publications including The Guardian and ESPN. 

We?re as comfortable setting an editorial agenda as we are hand-coding Web Stories to include a full bleed. And we?re here to tell the stories people will take the time to read, even if newsrooms don’t have the time to produce them.

Our syndication partners

Some of our syndication partners (past and present) include:

  • MSN
  • Daily Maverick
  • Sport24
  • Eyewitness News
  • The Citizen
  • Rugby365

If you would like to use any of the content on Extra Time Media, please see the Use Our Content section or contact us directly for assistance.

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