Dive into Diablo II classes ahead of getting Resurrected

Whether you?re new to the Diablo-verse and are simply curious about all the hype, or are a seasoned slayer of its demons, you?re probably excited to sink your claws into Diablo II: Resurrected due out later this year.

Before we get into this particular game’s plot, it’s worth going through a bit of the backstory and setting the scene.

Diablo is one of three Prime Evils ? Mephisto and Baal are his brothers ? who rule over Hell. The forces of Hell were at war with those of Heaven in the Eternal Conflict. After eons of this, some of the demon and angel fighters got a bit bored of all the fisticuffs, downed their weapons, and created the realm of Sanctuary where they would live in peace, away from the unsuspecting eyes of Heaven and Hell’s head honchos.

All this newfound harmony made the angels and demons quite horny (which is funny because demons have hor- never mind) which led to some Sanctuary-sex and then the creation of powerful hybrids known as the nephalem ? the first humans.

Eventually the leaders of Heaven and Hell learned of Sanctuary’s existence and again waged war with each other before agreeing to a ceasefire. However, Baal, Diablo, and Mephisto instead plotted to have their evil way with the puny little humans. Apparently one can?t trust evil superdemons. The Archangel Tyrael cottoned on to this nefarious plan and brought together a group of wise folk known as the Horadrim to hunt the trio and trap their malevolent essences in soulstones, relics capable of containing the Primes. Thankfully, this plan worked. Until it didn?t.

What does this have to do with Diablo II?

Diablo II picks up where its predecessor left off when a warrior defeated the titular big boss of bad and tried to contain his evil essence, which was trapped inside a soulstone, within his own human body. But as you can?t really keep a good (bad) Prime Evil down, the warrior was corrupted by Diablo. This corruption became so bad that it eventually opened a doorway for Hell demons to enter Sanctuary where they wrought much demonic havoc.

A band of heroes from across Sanctuary eventually comes together to fight and end the demon onslaught.

The game’s story also carries on in the extended pack, Lord of Destruction, wherein Baal, seeks out the Worldstone which was used to create Sanctuary and is also the source of all the soulstones and their powers.   

Diablo II: Resurrected Classes to choose your hero from


amazon character classes diablo ii resurrected

A ranged warrior who specialises in spear, bow and other weapons with pointy ends. Amazon further enhances her fighting prowess with magic. She’s your gal to stand behind you and fell hordes of foul beasts but do keep an eye on her health when she gets into close-quarter scraps. 


necromancer character classes diablo ii resurrected

This spell-caster holds power over the dead. He can raise skeletons and dead monsters to fight for him. Use his spells to poison and weaken monsters. On the downside, you really need to know which specific spells to cast and when or risk finding yourself in a spot of getting killed.


barbarian character classes diablo ii resurrected

The only class able to wield dual weapons, Barbarian is the one to send to the frontline. Built like a tank, he can withstand a few blows and then still bash in his enemies? heads. That said, he isn?t the best fighter against bosses or legions of undead.


sorceress character classes diablo ii resurrected

This witch is another master wielder of the magical arts. Eviscerate your attackers with Sorceress’s ice, lightning, and fire spells, and use her teleportation spell to instantly evade injury. Make sure to keep her out of the middle of the fight though as she’s not the strongest physical fighting class.


paladin character classes diablo ii resurrected

If you?re venturing into Diablo II for a solo run, you can?t go wrong with this character whose ?faith is his weapon and his shield?. A crusader from the Church of Zakarum, Paladin is another melee class who boasts top tier combat skills, and both defensive and offensive auras.


assassin character classes diablo ii resurrected

A nimble master of martial arts, claws and traps, the Assassin and Druid classes were added to the Lord of Destruction expansion pack. She’s a crafty killer who can also cast spells that will injure or confuse her foes. She’s not the best pick for solo play though as you will need to build up a proper collection of weapons and armour to make sure she doesn?t die at the first sight of a boss.


druid character classes diablo ii resurrected

A nature-based magician, Druid can also wield melee weapons. As a shapeshifter, he’s able to morph into a fierce Werewolf or Werebear. Druid’s magic and weapons-based abilities make him a good choice for a single-player game.