Better Babies and Toddlers mod for The Sims 4

Sims 4 Mod Better Babies And Toddlers

ETM overview: Quite simply, it does what it says on the tin. While this mod won’t stop the whole babies-being-an-object and stuck in their crib weirdness, it will add deeper gameplay around babies and toddlers.

The Sims 4 MOD: Better Babies & Toddlers (Updated 28/11/20)

Available for download from the creator’s website.

Update 28/11/20

? I fixed issues that would make interactions not show
? Interaction ?Encourage Baby Breastfeeding? is now only available for female Sims
? Male Sims (must be a parent) will now have the same functionality as female sims
? Correction in the English strings and text modification of some interactions

I find the features in game related to parents and children really poor and that’s what motivated me to make mods to improve little Sims in the game. I hope that with this mod you will have much more fun with babies and toddlers.

This mod is not compatible with any other mod that use Baby Bassinet interactions

Better Babies

If your Sim already has a baby you must click on another Sim on the interaction called Talk About Babies in the Better Babies menu. Your Sim will get the hidden trait. The step is the same if your Sim has just given birth.

Once the baby is born the menu will be fully functional for your Sim.

The Sim will be able to get different moodlets when talking about their baby with another Sims, and some interactions may have various moodlets, for example if you are talking about going back to work or Promote Breastfeeding. Targeted Sims will also receive custom moodlets.

Mts Caradriel 1972165 Better Babies Menu Sims4

Discuss About First Christmas interaction will only appear if you are in the winter season.

Indecive is a new mood from Lumpinou’s Mood Pack.
I use other custom moods as you can see on this page. Those new moods are great to enhance your gameplay as they bring much more realism to your Sims emotions, thank you so much Lumpinou!

Sometimes the Baby Blues moodlet would appear, so it will be time to make a phone call to help your Sim feel better.

When you use an interaction on the bassinet your Sim will receive new moodlets for all interactions (Shoosh, Feeding, Rock, Show baby, Cuddle?)

With the new interaction on computer your Sim can now Read Parent Magazine to learn more about babies, Your Sim will increase Parenting skills.

In a future update I plan to add the subscription to the magazine and to receive it by mail. I have also planned to add a baby gift to be received by mail at the time of the baby’s birth.

No Menu or Interaction ?

If with your Sim (must be a parent) you cannot see any interactions from the Babies menu, or if your Sim does not receive any moodlets when using the baby crib, then you must activate the trait by clicking on the Talk About Babies interaction from the Better Babies menu. As long as your sim has a child, the interactions will be available.

Better Toddlers

Try Teach Sims 4

If your Sim already has a toddler, you can use two new interactions when you target a Sim: Debate about Milk or Ask for Meal Ideas.

With the Better Toddlers menu, you can click on a toddler and Ask to Say Mommy (or Daddy) and you can also use Try to Teach New Word interaction. After this a new interaction will appear: Talk About Toddler’s Saying Mommy (or Daddy).

Your Sim will be able to share her child’s progress or fail with the other Sims. This will increase some skills for toddlers and parents.

Another new interaction on the computer Search for Veggies Recipes, which will increase the Sim’s cooking skill.

More interaction to use with Parent to teach them more skills will be added soon! I am also working on an addon to include new conversations for the toddlers.

A huge Thank You to Lumpinou for all the help and explanations she gave me to finish this mod and for her excellent mood pack for modders! Thanks a lot for everything!?? Many thanks also to Kimikosoma who helped me with the English strings and corrected my mistakes!



**This mod requires the Lumpinou’s Mood Pack to work**

Download this mod here: Mood Pack
and place it in your mods folder

? Fully compatible with the Lumpinou’s WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul mod.
This mod is not compatible with any other mod that use Baby Bassinet interactions


Available languages : EN / FR / RU / PT-BR / CN / DE / ES

Russian (Thanks to Origamika)
German (Thanks to Ulrike)
Spanish (Thanks to Atheduchess)
Chinese (Thanks to MuMu)
Brazilian Portuguese (Thanks to Qlaqercoixsa)

Other translations are welcome

Additional Credits:
Made with Zerbu’s Mod Constructor & Sims 4 Studio.
Thanks to Lumpinou & Kimikosoma.

Sims 4 team investigating genetics glitch with skin tone update

Sims 4 Skin Tone Update Glitch Genetics Cas Child 2

The Sims 4 rolled out a new skin tone update earlier in the week, adding over 100 new skin tones and additional customisation sliders to the base game.

The update brings some long-needed representation to the game since it first launched six years ago. The patch was released a day early on Monday this week.

Overall, the update is hugely positive, but there is one problem. As noticed by several prominent Simmers already, when two Sims with different skin tones have a baby together, the child will always have a lighter skin tone.

This happens when the ?play with genetics? option is used in Create-a-Sim as well as in Live mode. Using the randomise option in CAS always results in the child having a lighter skin tone.

In CAS, it does not matter what age the randomised child is either, the result is always the same. The outcome is also the same regardless of whether both parents have a skin from the same “tone” (warm, neutral or cool).

The Sims 4 team have already acknowledged the issue and said they are looking into it, though no ETA on a fix was given at the time of writing.

At fist we thought this might be related to custom content skin tones. Since the update, no CC skin tones are showing up in CAS. Custom content make up as well as CC skin details and overlays remain usable, however.

Sims 4 Skin Tone Update Glitch Genetics Cas Child

However, we tested this with all CC removed and the problem persisted.  We also tested with a brand new save file, selected parents in random order and a few other options.

Create-A-World mod for The Sims 4 coming soon

Sims 4 World Edit Mod Coming Soon

There is an old saying that goes: Whatever EA can and can’t do, modders will do and do it better. Okay, there is not really a saying like that, but but over the last six years of the existence of The Sims 4, mod and custom content creators have breathed new life into the game.

While The Sims 4 did recently make some progress in terms of more diverse representation with the December skin tone update, there is still a lot missing from the game.

Some of these things are entirely down to the foundations of how The Sims works. Like free babies, for example. Babies have always been an object ? which is a potential minefield if they were to be ?free? from their cribs and added as a life stage.

There are other things players want too, though. Like a farming expansion pack. Luckily, there will soon be a mod for that. But players also want the ability to design their own worlds.

This is sort of one of those grey areas in The Sims 4. While players cannot technically create a world from scratch at present, you certainly can enhance it quite dramatically by using the T.O.O.L mod.

One of the challenges with the game is that it needs to remain compatible with slightly lower spec machines. That sometimes means sacrificing some of the more high profile features like building a world.

But once again, luckily, there are modders for that.

A mod to create your own world in The Sims 4 is being released soon

Arnie Sims aka The Sims Plus, the creator behind the incredible Brookheights Open World Mod, announced on Wednesday that a world edit mod is in the works.

A short teaser, released alongside the update on Patreon, said that all will be revealed on 14 December. While the announcement in itself is not new – we knew back in October already that this was in the works – we now have a date for the new mod.

Arnie previously shared some sneak peeks of what players can expect from the Sims 4 World Edit mod they’re working on.

My World Edit feature will bring hundreds of new debug items that were never unlocked in the game before & it won?t flag your builds as modded on the gallery + you can place them anywhere in the worlds! Might release this mod as a standalone

We can’t wait to see what comes next from Arnie. But we have just one burning question: are the worlds still round like the other worlds in The Sims 4? We guess we’ll just have to wait until 14 December to find out.

Sims 4 Brookheights Open World mod also adds stunning new maps

Sims 4 Brookheights Mod New Maps For Neighbourhoods

By now you?ve probably heard about the Sims 4 Brookheights Open World mod. If you have not, firstly ? where have you been? Secondly, go and check it out and support the creator ? it is next-level amazing and there is a Sims 4 farming mod in the works by the same creator, too.

The final version of the mod is now available for public release after months of hard work by Arnie Sims aka The Sims Plus.  The mod does require The Sims 4 Get to Work and The Sims 4 City Living to be playable, though.

The latest release includes an auto-installer, making the process of turning the mod ?off and on? a breeze. The only slight downside to the mod, even with the installer, is that you still have to run a ‘repair’ of your Sims 4 game after uninstalling it. This can take a bit of time if you have most of the DLC packs.

If you are worried about how the December 2020 Sims 4 update might impact the mod – no need to fret. At the time of writing, there were no reported issues with Brookheights following the skin tone overhaul patch.

The world is not quite ?open? to the level of The Sims 3 (that’s just not going to happen with The Sims 4). But it brings a whole new dimension to the game and offers a refreshing new way of playing.

While the main appeal of the mod is the addition of the open world, Brookheights, there is another feature that’s almost gone unnoticed.

Brookheights open world mod adds beautiful maps to the Sims 4

The mod also changes the world maps of some of the neighbourhoods in The Sims 4. The maps are so good that it even makes Magnolia Promenade look like a place you’d actually want your Sims to visit. Seriously.

The maps are actually a standalone mod by the same creator, which is still available for download if you don’t want the Brookheights mod.

Willow Creek, Newcrest, Magnolia Promenade, Forgotten Hollow, Del Sol Valley, Sulani and Granite Falls all get a fresh new look with the standalone Better Maps mod or the Brookheights mod.

To give you a sense of what we’re talking about, here are some screenshots of the new neighbourhood maps taken from our game.

Willow Creek

Willow Creek Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4


Newcrest Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4

Magnolia Promenade

Magnolia Promenade Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4

Forgotten Hollow

Forgotten Hollow Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4

Del Sol Valley

Del Sol Valley Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4


Sulani Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4

 Granite Falls

Granite Falls Better Maps 4k Brookheights Sims 4

If you download the Brookheights mod, the maps will replace the default look of all the mentioned neighbourhoods regardless of whether you are playing with the Brookheights save or not. The neighbourhoods will return to their normal look once you remove the Brookheights mod.

But after seeing just how stunning worlds in The Sims 4 can look, you might want to download the maps mod standalone for when you are playing without Brookheights, too.

Sims 4 December patch: UI Cheats and More Columns in CAS updated

Sims 4 December Patch Mods Updated

The Sims 4 surprised players on Monday by releasing the much anticipated skin tone overhaul patch update a day early. As with all updates to the game, mods and custom content can be affected to varying degrees.

The update included several bug fixes, a change to the home screen UI and added over 100 new skin tones and a customisation slider for skin tones and make up to the base game.

So far, though, the impact is not as extensive as first feared. You should still be sure to back up your game files prior to installing the update, though.

While custom skin tones are not showing up in Create-a-Sim after the Sims 4 December update, most other CC assets here remain usable ? with the opacity slider even working with most CC make up swatches.

Many Sims 4 mods, including the Brookheights Open World mod, also remained unaffected by the December update.

Creators whose mods were affected by the update have already started to roll out fixes. Most notably, two of the game’s most popular mods – More Columns in CAS  and UI Cheats Extension both by weerbesu – have already been updated.

Here are the creator notes from the updates to those mods after the most recent Sims 4 patch.

UI Cheats Extension v1.21 [12/07/2020]

  • Updated for game version 1.69.57. This fixes the broken main menu, among other issues.
  • Added a new achievement cheat.
  • Added a new perk point cheat.

You can download the latest version of UI Cheats Extension on Patreon.

More Columns in CAS v1.14.1 [12/07/2020]

  • Fixed skin tones shifting to the left after using “undo”.

The latest update is available to download on Patreon.

If you are running into issues with your mods or CC, you should checkout the channels of the content creators to see if they have rolled out an update or if they are in the process of working on a fix.

Sims 4 December 2020 update: Broken mods, CC and known other issues

Sims 4 Cc Skin Tones Mods After December 2020 Update

Updated on 10 December to add the details about the issue with genetics in The Sims 4 game itself.

The latest update for The Sims 4 base game was released a day early ? a nice holiday surprise for Simmers.

The update added over 100 new skin tone swatches and a slider for further customisation as well as a colour slider for make up. It also changed the home screen UI and included several bug fixes. For a full overview of what changed with the Sims 4 Decmeber 2020 update, see the full patch notes.

As is always the case with updates to The Sims 4, custom content and mods can malfunction as a result of the updates.

We will do our best to ensure that the list below is updated as often as possible. However, you should always back up your saves and your game files before updating your game.

Also make sure you check the platforms of the creators you downloaded your CC or mods to see if they have released any updates for their content.

It is also worth remembering that what works for one player might not work for another, as many of these glitches will depend on the combination of custom content and mods you are using. Sometimes it is mods that cause a conflict with themselves rather than a conflict with the update.

While it was largely expected that many of the custom content skin tones and make up would have issues following the update, at first glance it appears as if the issues might not be as widespread as feared.

Remarkably, the majority of our CC make up, skin details (including the 3D Lashes by Kijiko) appeared to be fine in our initial tests.

Some custom content make-up even worked with the sliders to a certain extent (we tested a random sample of CC eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick and blushes), allowing for the opacity to be adjusted – quite useful for creating a more matte look with some of the really stark CC make-up.

While custom skin tones were not visible at first glance (perhaps expected considering the change to the layout), other Create-a-Sim items were available and usable, just without the level of customisation added by the slider.

A random sample of skin overlays also appeared to work fine. Most of our mods, including the MC Command Centre, BetterBuildBuy and the T.O.O.L mod, were all working.

Sims 4 December update 2020: Broken, fine and updated custom content, mods

You can also head over to the official Sims 4 forum where luthienrising does an amazing job running a thread like this.

Broken mods, CC and other issues

  • More Clubs Per Sim (Neia)
  • No CC Wrench (claudiasharon)
  • Kijiko non-default skin tones (not showing up in CAS)
  • Noodles’ Berry Skin Colors (not showing up in CAS)
  • Belly and Breast Sliders by Vibrant Pixels – update only expected in January
  • Lazarus 3 default skinblend by grimcookies
  • Melanin Packs by Xmiramira
  • Some Wicked Whims textures for, ahem, anatomically correct Sims, will need updating.
  • There is an issue with The Sims 4 base game relating to the way the genetics function works when two Sims with different skin tones have a child together. The child will always have the lighter skin tone. Game developers have said they are looking into the issue.

Fine or updated mods and CC

  • Pregnancy Overhaul (LittleMsSam)
  • No Outfit Changing – Custom LotTrait & Traits (LittleMsSam)
  • Elevator Toddler Fix (LittleMsSam)
  • Lay Down Success Chance (Cats & Dogs) (LittleMsSam)
  • No Blind Date Call (Get Famous) (LittleMsSam)
  • Phone Call Overhaul (Lotharihoe)
  • Run, Don?t Jog (Lotharihoe)
  • LittleMsSam: all not above, except Age Up Mod, which is waiting for a test of the patch fix
  • Lotharihoe: all not above
  • YourFalseHope: traits, interactions, and other mods & fixes
  • Basemental (Reported fine by creator)
  • More CAS Columns (weerbesu)
  • UI Cheats Extension (weerbesu)
  • TOOL
  • Better Exceptions
  • Better BuildBuy
  • Expandable BuildBuy
  • BuildCam
  • AllCheats and my other “Always” or toggle mods.
  • CleanUI (but needs some icon updates)
  • All of Zebru’s mods reported as fine
  • MC Command Centre – no issues reported
  • Brookheights Open World (The Sims Plus/Arnie Sims)

Sims 4 December 2020 update: Changes to UI and interface

Sims 4 Update New Ui December 2020 (6)

The December update for The Sims 4, released by surprise a day early, has brought a whole new look to the game’s UI, along with all the other changes.

In the official patch notes for the update, the team said the idea behind the change was to add a more ?cohesive? experience for players.

The interface when the game is first loaded up has shifted the options for ?Load Game? and ?New Game? to the right of the screen on PC.

The gallery is also featured far more prominently on the home screen, making for easier access and more visibility for Spark’d Challenges.

Sims 4 Update New Ui December 2020 (9)

The biggest change, though, is the way DLC owned by players is now displayed. Gone are the tiny icons reminding you of all The Sims 4 packs you do not own yet. Players can toggle between “My Home” and “Packs” from the welcome screen and then filter the add ons according to type.

Sims 4 Update New Ui December 2020 (2)

All DLC, including expansion packs, game packs and stuff packs, have each been given their own tab in a much larger view. Clicking on each pack cover opens an additional screen which displays all content included with the pack, filtered by Create-a-Sim and Build Mode.

Sims 4 New Ui Dlc Filters

The patch notes explained the update to The Sims 4 home screen UI as follows:

We have updated the Main Menu!? Again! The idea behind this change is to create a more cohesive experience and give Packs a more proper space as we continue to grow our content lineup. As a nice bonus, we highlighted the Gallery in a more meaningful way to inspire you.

Much of the rest of the interface remains the same, however, including the OK loading screen. Ok.

Sims 4 December 2020 update: Official patch notes

Sims 4 December 2020 Update Released Early Patch Notes

The Sims 4 released a ‘surprise’ update on Monday. Well, not a surprise, surprise, but surprising in terms of its release. The December 2020 update, which adds a skin tone overhaul to the base game, was released a day early.

If you have automatic updates turned on and your game updated without you realising, you should make sure you back up your files before opening the game the game again.

Considering the nature of this update – one that alters several fundamentals of the base game – Sims 4 custom content and mods are likely to malfunction after your game is updated.

You should make sure you update these too after you have installed The Sims 4 December 2020 update. As soon as possible, we’ll be listing known issues with mods and custom content, as well as keep an eye on any other update-related issues.

Considering that the update was released a day early, though, creators might not be as quick as they usually are to update mods and other CC – so be patient and play without these until you are sure they remain compatible.

For now, here are the official patch notes for the latest Sims 4 update, taken verbatim from the official Sims site. The only edits are for style and brevity.

Sims 4 latest patch notes: December 2020 skin tones update

Happy Holidays Simmers!

It’s time to go back in to Create a Sim! Where in this update you will find 100+ new skin tones, customization sliders for skin tones and makeup, and three improved base game hairstyles!
Every skin tone now has a value slider that allows you to change the light to dark value of that skin tone, unlocking a much wider variety of skin tone options for you to play with! You will also find that our skin tones are now filterable to warm, cool, and neutral tones (as well as miscellaneous that covers our occult skin tones).

The new makeup sliders add more choices and opportunities for you to customize your Sims, and express your Sim’s style! Hue, saturation, value or brightness, and opacity are now available to modify on the makeup. We have locked some of the sliders where it did not provide an optimal experience or make sense for the makeup. Expect us to continue our work on these issues into the future to provide you with more.
In addition to the customization opportunities provided, you can also save custom swatches as you tweak your sliders to get the perfect look. When you click on the swatch (for skin tones and makeup) as you modify the sliders, you will have an opportunity to save your custom settings, so you can re-use it later without having to remember your perfect looks!
Did we mention that we made some hair updates? We did – we updated a base game child hair (cfHair_BraidedPonyTail), and we added a second version of that hair that removes the baby hairs (cfHair_BraidedPonyTailPlain). And we updated a base game male hair that you may find difficult to recognize from the original hair (ymHair_flatTopTextured)!

We have updated the Main Menu!… Again! The idea behind this change is to create a more cohesive experience and give Packs a more proper space as we continue to grow our content lineup. As a nice bonus, we highlighted the Gallery in a more meaningful way to inspire you.

-SimGuruGnome & SimGuruRusskii

Now onto the fixes:

Sims 4

  • Sketching so much that the Digital Sketch Pad just quit on you? Never fear! Freelancer Sims that use the Digital Sketchpad will now be able to complete designs without being reset abruptly.
  • Happy Birthday to all! Sims will now properly Age Up. Adulting is hard but they will make it, don’t worry.
  • Fixed an issue in which Doors, Windows, and Arches had cutouts when being reflected in Mirrors. Rorrim Rorrim no eht llaw, ohw si eht tseriaf erutaef fo meht lla?
  • Sims that do not have the Fishing Skill, or have not been Fishing at all, will not get notifications about identifying Fish. THEY WERE FISHING WITH THEIR MINDS.
  • The following careers have added the ?Take Vacation Day? option, yay!
    • Gardener (Seasons)
    • Military (Strangerville)
    • Lifeguard for Teens and Conservationist (Island Living)
    • Law, Education, and Engineer (Discover University)
    • Civil Designer (Eco Lifestyle).

Editor Russkii note: I didn?t want to add each line in each pack for this fix, it would have looked weird and robotic so that is why I chose to do one bullet point for all in this section.

  • Child Sims will no longer forget they are in their Sleepwear when they go to school. Though in these times of Work and School from Home, I don’t blame them one bit.
  • The Sweet Escapes Country Toilet will no longer be Comfortable AND Uncomfortable at the same time? There can only be one!
  • Sims with the Best Selling Author Aspiration can now complete their task of writing 3 Best Sellers.
  • Fixed an issue in which resized objects would disappear when they were part of downloaded Gallery items.
  • We revised our Careers (Pack specific and not) and we made sure there were no Chance Cards that were repeated constantly.
  • We noticed we had added the option to Clean Up Toddler on kitchen and bathroom sinks for both Toddlers and Children by mistake, so we removed it for both age groups from the sink? but how would have they fit? Like? how? These are the questions that keep me up at night.
  • Build Snowpal interaction is no longer available on non-natural ground (For Simmers that own Seasons and/or Snowy Escape). That’s why it’s called a Snowpal, not a Floorpal!

Get to Work

  • We made a clarification on the Xenophilia moodlet when interacting with Alien Sims. It should no longer say ?From Discovering Aliens? but now it correctly reads ?From Interacting with Aliens.?
  • Fixed an issue in which childbirth was not possible if Simmers changed the color swatches of the Surgery Tables. Now listen, I have heard about renting whole hospital wings for a birth in real life and other eccentricities, but this? was really something.

Get Together

  • Male Sims will no longer get Pregnant after receiving calls from NPC Sims.

City Living

  • NPC Sims will now text and call with invitations to Festivals. I personally welcomed the calm and quiet of my phone not beeping about constantly. But I can?t miss a Festival!
  • Sims rejoice! Yard sale customers will no longer invade their Home Lots and use Household objects. It is a Yard Sale? OUT in the yard, not an Open House.
  • Did you ever regret trusting some Sims enough to give them your apartment keys to constantly get visits from them for Milk and Juice? You can rest assured that they will no longer visit you for this purpose. I think some neighborly love is appreciated, but this went beyond the proverbial ?May I have a cup of sugar?? type of situation.
  • Fixed an issue in which interactions to participate on GeekCon contests would not appear when interacting with objects.
  • We decided to give a bit more clarity when displaying the location of Festivals, so now it will display as ?Near <insert location>? and not a distinct location that is not entirely correct. This is true for Festivals in Snowy Escape as well.

Cats and Dogs

  • Pets will no longer sleep in random places when told to sleep on their Pet beds. In my world they can sleep where they are most comfortable, my conspiracy? allegedly.


  • Sims can now Shower in the Rain? Jury is still out on Singing and Dancing.
  • Sims will no longer ?lose? their shovels when performing other autonomous activities while performing the interaction ?Shovel Snow.?
  • Our friendly neighborhood Snowpal has been properly renamed to Chill from Chil. Everything I knew before was a lie? a LIE!
  • Ever felt like the Holiday spirit has just been too much to handle, and Father Winter starting to show up everywhere and not letting you do much of anything getting a bit? out of hand? Fear not! Father Winter will stop replicating himself* to spread holiday cheer. *Note this fix is not entirely retroactive, new saves should see this without issue. Existing saves will correct themselves over time.

Get Famous

  • Duck Security SCROO9E Super XL Smart Vault will no longer disappear after Sims Woohoo in it? you can say Woohoo can be romantic and magical, but maybe not to this extent?
  • NPCs from the Actor Career sometimes would never show on Set, making gigs impossible to complete. We’ve spoken with their union reps and everyone has agreed to stop this ridiculous strike. What were they striking about? Was there even a Strike? We may never know.

Island Living

  • Mermaids and other Occults should no longer be able to make hybrid occults. How were they making them? Oh boy, I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for me to give you the mermaid-birds and spellcaster-bees talk.
  • Randomly generated Mermaid Sims will no longer be seen without some features in affected Simmer Saves. However this fix is not retroactive, so it should be seen fixed in new saves.
  • Pizza delivery to Lagoon Look Lot has been fixed to arrive promptly.

    This is Sulani Deep Lagoon Pizza, home of the 2×1 Mermadic Kelp Pizza and the Salty Llama Combo, may I take your order?

    <Descriptive Simlish on the line>

    Uh huh? uh huh?

    <Indescribable Simlish on the line>

    Yes, we now can ACTUALLY deliver to Lagoon Look?

    <Interrogative Simlish on the line>

    Yes, we told our delivery Sims that they need to deliver it there and not keep the pizza for themselves? like give it to the actual client.

    <Surprised Simlish on the line>

Discover University

  • Has this ever happened to you? Your Sim is ready to make an offering to the Sprites only to find a crystal stuck without being able to move it? No longer a problem, Sims now can remove offerings so all their rituals can resume. Sprites rejoice.
  • We fixed an issue for our Console Simmers that wouldn?t allow them to close the Humanoid Robot’s Behavior Module Menus correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause items to be repossessed when loans were fully paid. That is NOT how it worked Repo Person? NOT how it worked.
  • Sims with Research & Debate Skill 3 or higher will no longer be able to ?Convince to? with Toddler Sims.
  • Masquerade Secret Society Masks are now properly unlocked in Create a Sim when joining the Secret Society.
  • Fixed an issue in which Heckle animation was sometimes not being performed autonomously by Sims while playing Ping Pong.

Eco Lifestyle

  • Fixed an issue that triggered the Off-the-Grid notifications after traveling to different Lots in Evergreen Harbor, even when they are not labeled as Off-the-Grid.
  • We spoke to all Eco Inspectors, and they have agreed that they should NOT be charging the Energy efficient appliances fine if your appliances are fully upgraded to be super efficient and amazing. I mean all that work and still get fined? Not in this house!
  • Fixed an issue in which some placeholder text was showing in notifications after Dumpster Diving.
  • The Americana Station Speakers will now play Music? as the prophecy foretold.
  • When the We Wear Bags N.A.P is active, Grim Reaper will not be partially invisible when appearing on a Lot. Grim Reaper contributes!
  • Living the No Appliance lifestyle? We?ve got news for you! Sims will no longer be penalized for not having ?Eco-Friendly Appliances.? No appliances, no fines!

Snowy Escape

  • Vending Machine Canned Soups and Drinks won?t spoil anymore. Time to stock up!
  • Sims can no longer go on Hikes while holding their Toddlers.
  • Space Heaters will now be able to be placed on Lots from Inventory. Sharing the warmth everywhere!
  • Fixed an issue in which the Shoe Removal Sign in 5-1-2 Kiyomatsu was not working properly. We also added Shoe Removal Signs in 5-1-1 Kiyomatsu and 2-4-2 Wakabamori.
  • Sims will now be more visibly furious when having the appropriate furious sentiment toward other Sims. ?Yes, I am mad!… No! This IS my furious face!?
  • Fixed an issue with some animations that would stutter while Snowboarding or Skiing. We also made sure that Sims with a high level of those skills would not always choose the Bunny Slopes.
  • Izzy Fabulous? Star Simmi Rank was just too fabulous so we had to correct it to be one star less than displayed. Don?t worry Izzy, you are a full 4 stars in my book, you are that fabulous to me.
  • After much debate of whether it is the Cave Shrine or the Mountain Shrine for Hiking destinations we finally decided to just call it Mountain Shrine.
  • We revised the Snoop-Proof Bamboo Blinds and it is now possible to drop?em like they?re hot with the Thousand Words Window.
  • NPC Sims will no longer ?take over? the Slopes for themselves for an indefinite period of time, now they will be sharing with all Sims the joys of the Slopes.
  • Fixed an issue in which Sims would get highlighted in the Sentiment Panel as if receiving new Sentiments every time traveling is involved.
  • Sims with Rock Climbing Skill 7, or higher, are able to autonomously climb the Tall Wall (Such tall! So much wall!). There is no need to not face what makes you uncomfortable? autonomously.
  • Had a chat with Yamachan and asked if he was ok, he seemed to start random conversations and then randomly say goodbye without reason. We are happy to report that he is OK now and will try not to do that. Give us a hug Yamachan.
  • Food Stalls at Mt. Komorebi Festivals won?t be closing shop randomly during Festival hours anymore. <guitar and piano intro> Closing time, open all the Stalls and eat all the food in the world…Closing time, turn all the lights on and let Yamachan greet you heeeere?
  • Create a Sim asset ymHat_EP10HelmetGoggles has been fixed to no longer display clipping around the neck area as well as we made sure no facial hair is removed when wearing this asset.

Dine Out

  • Experimenting with photo frames will no longer use the same picture of an Experimental Meal when displayed.
  • Hot Pot meals are now part of Restaurant Menus! I miss the times I would go to eat Hot Pot at a restaurant. One of my favorites has a conveyor belt that carries your fixings never leaving your table for a thing. *happy sigh*


  • Vampire Sims will no longer be affected by temperature, so they won’t be constantly obsessed with lighting fireplaces trying to get warm.

Sims 4 December 2020 update: Skin tones overhaul released early

Sims 4 December Skin Tones Diversity Update

The Sims 4 team made a surprise announcement on Monday, releasing the much anticipated skin tones overhaul a day early.

The update adds over 100 new skin tone swatches to the base game and includes a make up slider for further customisation.

The update, which is available for free for The Sims 4 base game, was scheduled to be released on Tuesday, 8 December 2020, but a surprise announcement revealed that the update was ready a day early.

The update comes six years after The Sims 4 was first released. Players of colour have been asking for better representation for years and the team acknowledged that they need to improve in terms of diversity.

In a post on Instagram announcing the update, The Sims said:

It’s here – and a day early! Today, a free game update brings you 100+ skin tones, customization tools for skin tones and makeup, three improved base game hairstyles, and a main menu makeover. Available now to all The Sims 4 players!

A huge thanks to @xmiramira@ebonixsims@miazaffyt@raonyp & @catherinegames100 for the candid conversations & constructive feedback! Their input, representing their viewpoints alongside their player communities, was instrumental to current & future improvements. #GameChangers !

As we welcome this update, we are committed to making meaningful progress for all players and we are continuing the work for better in-game representation long-term. We can?t wait to see what you create with this new update, Simmers! Happy Simming! ?

Along with the skin tones overhaul, the update also includes several bug fixes, as per the official Sims 4 December update patch notes. Remember to back up your saves, mods and custom content before opening your game following the update.

Sim Guru says Sims 4 player speculation can be ?fun?

Simmers Speculation Can Be Fun

We all know that Simmers love a bit of speculation. Not all Simmers, obviously, but many ? including us ? love letting our imaginations run wild with the direction The Sims 4 could take with upcoming content.

Sometimes, this can go pretty badly wrong, especially when there is radio silence from The Sims 4 team themselves. While much of this is easily avoided by remembering that everything is speculation until it is confirmed by EA, things do not always pan out that way.

We won’t dwell too long on the way we have disappointed ourselves through our own ideas, despite knowing that a Norse Mythology pack was just not going to happen and it was all but confirmed that Star Wars: Journey to Batuu was going to the game pack for which the icon leaked.

Sims 4 Snowy Escape How To Climb Mt Komorebi

Like we said, we digress. Have you ever wondered what the Sim gurus think about all the wild speculation? Well, turns out at least one of them thinks it can be quite fun seeing what Simmers dream up.

Graham Nardone, aka Sim Guru Graham, recently gave an interview to The Gamer where he discussed the development of the recently released Sims 4: Snowy Escape expansion pack.

Many players had an inkling that something winter-related was coming as the next expansion. Earlier in the year, a Sims 4 survey asked players about what sort of winter activities they would like to see in a pack.

Some of us (that’s us!) did not think it would come so soon after the survey. The Sims 4 team revealed that the expansion had been in the works since last year already, which did not seem to fit the timeline of developing an expansion around this theme.

But Nardone’s interview with The Gamer reveals some insights on how the development process for new DLC works and how the answers in the surveys influence the progress of developing a pack.

Which came first in Snowy Escape: The world or the activities?

The latest pack, set in Mt. Komorebi, is inspired by Japan with all sorts of snow-sports included as part of the pack.

But where did it all start?

Sim Guru Graham told The Gamer that winter activities set the tone for the expansion, saying it was one way for The Sims 4 team to ?listening to our players and the community and the things that they were talking about and asking about?.

Some of that hankering for winter stuff might have come form players who thought it should have been included in The Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack (which is not required to play Snowy Escape), but after the survey about winter activities earlier in 2020, players started to wonder what might be coming.

Nardone added:

“A lot of them were expecting French Alps,? he said in reference to players wondering where the setting for the snowy pack might be.

He added:

 ?We do like to subvert expectations a little bit. As soon as we knew we were doing winter activities, we started thinking about well what are some other great locations for those winter sports that we could pair with this pack.?

Oh, and about players speculating about what might be to come? Sim Guru Graham reckons it can be quite entertaining.

?It’s fun watching them speculate sometimes because they all start to imagine, ‘Well, oh, if it’s going to be winter activities, what’s the likely destination??

Well, okay then, Mr. Nardone. We look forward to seeing what The Sims 4 throws at as to fuel our speculation next.