How to disable the dust system in The Sims 4 Bust the Dust Kit

You?ve probably heard by now that The Sims 4 introduced a new type of DLC called Kits and three of these dropped at the same time on Tuesday. One of these, called Bust the Dust, adds a new gameplay layer to the game.

If realistic life simulation that includes the mundanity of doing chores like laundry and cleaning is your thing, then you?ll love this kit. Even if it isn?t, you might be surprised just how appealing using a vacuum can be in a computer game.

Bust the Dust introduces two new aspirations as well as dust bunnies and, obviously, dust and vacuum cleaners ? as some of its key features.

You know that saying about ?it’s the little things?? Well, yeah. It’s the little Kits, clearly, that make the biggest difference.

If your Sims do not clean, dust levels will build up on surfaces like floors and objects, bringing varying degrees of fury, frivolity and fun the lives of your Sims.

Dust bunnies ? friendly and fiendish ? will start to spawn if you don’t bother cleaning. Your Sims can interact with these little critters in different ways and with differing results ? but more on that in another article.

The dust fiend did start the fire

Be careful, though, if you let the dust settle for long enough, you might find your house engulfed the fire spawned by filth.

And while the less benevolent among us might view this as another way to bestow suffering upon Eliza Pancakes, others might see it as a great lesson in responsibility and consequences.

Stop the dust: How to turn off the filth for Bust the Dust

Fun as vacuuming might be, though, it might not be something you apply to all your saves. Sims have got lives, too, you know? Well, at least until you put them in a pool, build a wall around it and let them swim until they can?t anymore they die of old age.

Luckily, you can turn off the Bust the Dust?err?dust system. Some mods might make it tricky to find the option to disable the dust system, so if you are having trouble finding this option, here’s how you do it.

Note: This applies to PC players, options might be different on console.

In the top right corner of your game screen, click the three dots that opens up the Sims 4 game options menu then head over to Pack Settings.

If you have Get Famous and Eco Lifestyle installed, the option to disable the Dust System is hidden below the Eco Lifestyle option. In some cases,  certain mods might cause the scroll bar to not be visible, making it a bit tricky to find how to stop the dust.

But don’t fret, just tap the triangle dropdown for Eco Lifestyle to minimise the pane and you should then see the Bust the Dust option menu appear.  Without mods, you should simply be able to scroll and untick the box.

how to turn off sims 4 bust the dust kit system

Quick tip: If a filthy fiend spawns a fire you weren’t ready for, you might be able to head over the game options and turn this system off, stopping the fire in its tracks.