submit questions to sims 411

How to submit your question to The Sims 411 on Thursday

Players of The Sims 4 will get a chance to submit their questions to the team on 6 May 2021.  Starting at 6:00 Pacific Time (15:00 South African time), players can submit questions they’d like to see discussed on the next Sims 411 on the official forum.

In the opening post ahead of the questions session, the team explained: “We?d like to know what’s on your mind when it comes to The Sims, what topics you?re interested in, what your concerns are and what you?d like to chat about with us.”

The question thread will stay open for 24 hours and the team won’t answer all the questions on the next Sims 411, but the team vowed that comments are being read and “will be addressed whenever possible”.

Bug reports for The Sims 4 should still be reported on EA Answers HQ and the purpose of the thread, according to The Sims 4, is not the right platform for wish lists or content requests.

Players who want to contribute can head over to the official Sims forums and submit their questions on the open thread.

There are a few general rules for posting questions, too. Most of them are pretty obvious and be summed up in two words: be nice. That should go without saying, but Sim Guru Ninja recently shared his personal experience of what life on social media can be like sometimes.

While nobody denies that The Sims 4 has many bugs that need to be fixed and is seriously lacking in terms of certain gameplay, that does not warrant being nasty for the sake of just being nasty. 

Dave Miotke aka Sim Guru Ninja’s personal experience on Twitter is a timely reminder that being nice is a simple gesture that goes a long way.

Responding to a question (now deleted) about why Sim Gurus block people, Ninja said he had only blocked nine people in his time on the social network. He elaborated by explaining that the abuse that gets hurled at Sim Gurus sometimes gets read by his daughter.