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Is Google down search query now has an autocomplete

What happens if you google Google? Well, if you ask if it is down, it answers you.

Google Autocomplete

If you have used the internet to search for anything, you are probably familiar with the autocomplete function of many search engines.

It tries to pre-empt what you might be looking for or suggests search terms based off popular queries from other users. Sometimes it comes with hysterical and downright strange results.

But it can also be useful for answering questions. Google?s autocomplete often answers the question before you have even completed it and without you having to leave its UI. Like this, for example.

Google Autocomplete Question Answe In Uir

SEOs, we feel you. The merits of that approach is a discussion for another day, though.

For now, we just want to focus on this quaint addition to Google about Google. Yeah, turns out nothing happens if you google Google.

Over on Twitter, a user recently shared this screenshot of the answer to the question: ?Is Google down?. Well, this happens.

Is Google Down Mobile Question

We are not going to comment on that last question in this image.

When we tried it in the desktop version of Chrome, we had to actually hit enter, but computer still said no.

Google Down Desktop

Slow clap.

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