More hair colour swatches for The Sims 4 soon?

During a live stream following the release of The Sims 4 bunk beds update, released on Tuesday, the Sim Gurus might have accidentally (or is that accidentally on purpose?) revealed that the game will finally be getting more hair colour swatches.

While going through some improvements to hair textures,  eagle-eyed Simmers spotted new swatches in the hair swatch panel, one of which is a blacker colour rather than the sometimes blue-hued black currently in-game. Luumia, a popular Sims 4 modder best known for body hair (and who contributed to The Sims 21st Anniversary Update), noted the key difference in the colour of the swatches.

The live stream, called Inside Maxis, is going to be a regular addition from The Sims team in a bid to improve communication and transparency overall. However, at the time of writing, there were no further details available about things like the frequency of these live streams.

Tuesday’s stream did take a very brief look at some of the new hairstyles coming to The Sims 4 in the April update, though with the Sim Gurus sharing some early concept of these new styles.

sims 4 new hair in april update

But the Sim Gurus were tight-lipped about other future content, especially on things like themes for future packs. There was a specific reference to highly requested features like cars and generations, but no further details were given on when (or indeed if) this content will be coming to the game in the near future.