Mysterious second April update released for The Sims 4

The Sims 4 released another patch for PC and Mac on Wednesday, just a day after the game’s main patch for April went live. While Tuesday’s update focussed mostly on bug fixes and came with a set of comprehensive patch notes, Wednesday’s Sims 4 update was a bit more mysterious.

The only patch notes for the latest Sims 4 update were these:

The team got wind of some issues caused by some cheeky Gnomes that were not treating some of our backend right on PC and macOS… who knew? What were they doing? We can?t really say, but we sure put a stop to that. Rest assured.

Note: No Gnomes in Build Mode were affected or used to combat these ailments.

On the official Sims 4 website, the blurb for these updates read: ?Nothing to see here??

Now, we know we like a bit of speculation, but when The Sims say ‘nothing to see here’….well, we’re going to go looking for what there is to see. We’ll update this article if we find anything.

The Sims 4 confirmed that a new Kit as well as a Game Pack will be announced “in the next couple of weeks”, but did not elaborate any further. What we do know is that Sim Guru Salo was involved in creating the new Kit – but that doesn’t help narrow down any theories. Sim Guruu Salo is a Concept Artist on The Sims 4 and works on designing “CAS, objects, hairs and environments”. So it could literally be anything.