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New Sims 4 game pack to be revealed at Gamescom ? watch live here

It's official. The new Sims 4 game pack will be revealed at Gamescon Opening Night Live.

Sims 4 New Game Pack Gamescom Details Live

It has finally been confirmed that it will be confirmed: the new Sims 4 game pack will be unveiled…soon.

This time, soon has an actual date, time and a place, though. After weeks of speculation following the leak of an unrecognized icon which many believe to be the icon for the new Sims 4 game pack, the team confirmed that what it actually is will be revealed on Thursday.

Ever since that leak, Simmers have been through the most. Speculation and theories about what the new game pack might be has gone from some sort of Star Wars/space pack to an underwater/Atlantis pack, perhaps a winter game pack or a Norse Mythology/Viking inspired game pack.

There is still no clarity on what the pack is ? for that we?ll have to wait until Thursday to find out. What we do know is that the Sims 4 team said this release will be a ?major first?. How ?major first? might be defined, nobody quite knows.

The Sims 4 game pack at Gamescom: Time and live stream details

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the promo that The Sims shared on social media didn?t reveal much about what the new game pack will be.

The video very much centred around the ?opening night MC? sort of theme (unless it didn?t and we have all missed something glaringly obvious).

Watch the Sims 4 new game pack reveal live at Gamescom

While there is much, much more to Gamescom than just The Sims 4 (you can check out the full line-up and times over here), this guide is for Simmers. The Sims did not share a specific time slot when we can expect to see the new game pack debut.

The pre-show for Opening Night Live is scheduled to begin at 19:30 South African time with the full show set to start at 20:00 SAST (or 11:00 PT as in the tweet).

That show will last for two hours (two and a half if you include the pre-show), so it is not clear exactly when the reveal will happen. However, you can watch it all live through the gamescom video stream embedded below.

If you have just arrived, The Sims 4 confirmed that the next game pack is indeed inspired by Star Wars Galaxy Edge.

We also know that new EA job postings for The Sims 4 suggests that the much-loved simulation franchise still has a good few years ahead of it.

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