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Origin leak: New Sims 4 stuff pack is coming…but when?

Sims 4 Stuff Pack New Leak

Happy sixth birthday to The Sims 4 and happy?.err? surprise announcement day to Simmers? Yeah, just stick with us for this one. We are not sure what to make of it all yet either, but we’re digging into it to see what we might unearth.

Sims 4 Star Wars Journey To Batuu Game Pack (93)
Screenshot from The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu. We feel you, gurl..

It has been one heck of a ride for The Sims 4 team over the last few weeks following the leak of the new Sims 4 game pack icon (the one we now know will be called The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu) and it appears as if things are about to get more interesting.

The fourth edition of the franchise turns six years old on 2 September 2020 and it appears as if there has been a leak for an unannounced stuff pack on Origin.

This screenshot is taken from our own Origin (the old one, not the Origin Beta) screen at 14:21 South African time on 2 September 2020. It shows an unnamed stuff pack “Stuff Pack 18” under the game’s additional content.

There is only placeholder text as a reference and SP18, so there is no indication what this pack might be about or when it might be announced.

Sims 4 stuff pack leaked on Origin

Sims 4 Stuff Pack Leak Sixth Birthday

The six-month road map released earlier in the year for The Sims 4 did include a Stuff Pack, but everyone assumed that it was the recently released, community voted Nifty Knitting pack.

While that might still ring true in terms of the road map, we do know that the global community manager for The Sims, Sim Guru Frost, recently changed his Twitter name to STILL REDACTED Guru Frost.

Most Simmers assumed that this probably relates to a Sims 4 birthday update (hopefully something better than a hot tub like Simmers got for the franchise’s 20th anniversary), but might there be a surprise stuff pack coming, too?