Premier League 2020: EPL table before lockdown

Liverpool finish the 2020 EPL season as champions, but for those who asked - this is what the Premier League table looked like before the start of lockdown.

2020 epl table before lockdown

While Liverpool have already secured the 2020 English Premier League title, the season has stretched much further than it ordinarily would. The whole global pandemic thing has thrown the usual schedule into disarray.

It’s perhaps somewhat unsurprising then that so many are still looking for the EPL table pre-lock down. While there are plenty of sites that will do the hard work for you, if all you want is a simple graphic representation of the Premier League table before lock down, we’ve got you. No need to number crunch to figure out which match week the table needs to be from. None of that.

The latter half of the 2020 EPL season has not been without drama.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp hit back at his Chelsea counterpart Frank Lampard by suggesting the Blues boss still has a lot to learn after branding the new English champions “arrogant.”

During Liverpool’s 5-3 win between the sides on Wednesday, Lampard became embroiled in a row with Klopp’s assistant Pepijn Lijnders over a foul that led to the free-kick from which Trent Alexander-Arnold scored to make it 2-0.

“Fair play to Liverpool Football Club, they’ve won the league, but also don’t get too arrogant with it,” Lampard said in a post-match interview.

Klopp rejected that suggestion and said Lampard should learn to let any confrontations during the 90 minutes go at full time.

“You cannot hit me and my bench with something like that because we are not arrogant,” said Klopp.

“Frank was obviously in a really competitive mood and I respect that a lot. From my point of view in this sort of situation you can say pretty much what you want. For me, after the game it is completely over.

“I said a lot in the past because it is pure emotion, he came here to win the game or get a point, to make Champions League qualification, and I respect that a lot.

“But what he has to learn is to finish it with the final whistle and he didn’t do that.”

A clip of the foul-mouthed argument between the benches went viral with Lampard’s words clearly audible in an empty stadium.

“I think in terms of the language I used, I do regret that, because I think these things get replayed a lot on social media,” said Lampard.

“I’ve got two young daughters who are on social media, so I do regret that.”

Lampard later accused Liverpool’s coaching staff of breaking a touchline code of conduct.


Nothing can change the fact that Liverpool will end the 2020 Premier League season as champions – a fact that was apparent through the EPL table before lockdown.

For those who asked, here it is.

Premier League table before 2020 lockdown

Premier League table 2020 pre lockdown

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