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Random, uninvited guests are baking cakes in the Sims 4

Why are random Sims are showing up at my Sim?s house and baking cakes? I wish I knew.

Sims 4 Random Sims Baking Cakes Uninvited 2

As if the curious Tweets about cooking and baking and other confectionary delights by the Sim Gurus weren?t enough to leave us scratching our heads, something really odd has been happening in my game lately.

Now, this might not be a new thing at all. Hashtag builder?s problems. But for the last few days, random Sims have been showing up uninvited and baking cakes in my Sim?s kitchen.

If it happened just once, I?d shrug it off, sure, but this is just a bit weird. These are all randomly generated by the game Sims. First, it was a random celebrity Sim, fame shine and all.

Sims 4 Random Sims Baking Cakes Uninvited 2

Then, it was this Sim dressed in overalls. Neither set the kitchen alight. Mind you, neither of them knocked either. Both walked straight in and just started baking.

Sims 4 Random Sims Baking Cakes Uninvited

The Sim who is having her kitchen invaded lives alone in Evergreen Harbor. She is following the culinary career, but it?s not something that is supposed to happen as part of the career, is it? They certainly aren?t here workmates.

I haven?t played enough with another family to confirm whether this is happening with just this specific Sim or others, too, though. Just another day in The Sims 4, perhaps.

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