Sims 4 leaked Game Pack icon ? is it Star Wars or Atlantis?

This article will be updated as new information becomes available.

On Sunday, speculation went into overdrive when it appears as if the next Sims 4 Game Pack icon was leaked on the official site. At first glance, the icon could mean anything. But soon, speculation kicked into overdrive with assumptions that it could be a Star Wars related pack.

As with a lot of speculation around new Sims 4 packs, though, hints and leaks can mean almost anything you want them to mean. So far, there is a strong case for two specific themes of what the new Sims 4 Game Pack might be.  First, many Simmers believe this could be a Star Wars Pack. But there is also some strong evidence pointing towards the possibility of it being an Atlantis/Underwater type of pack.

Let’s drill down into both of them.

New Sims 4 pack: Star Wars or Atlantis?

Update added after publication: The theory around a theme park influenced pack might not be accurate after all. As several people have pointed out, Sim Guru Duke previously said on Twitter that it is not something that is currently being considered.

First, we must consider the evidence at hand. That includes not only the icon, but the hints through the Future Cube as well as subtle hints from Sim Gurus on Twitter. We also know that the game pack, as per the Sims road map, will be a ?major first?.

Neither of the two concepts fully answer or explain all of the hints, but the remaining hints could also refer to content still to come in a base game update or other packs.

We?ll start off by looking at the leaked game pack icon itself. Here is an enlarged version.

Sims 4 leaked Game Pack icon: A case for Atlantis

Admittedly, the case for it being a Lost City of Atlantis is a bit weaker, but the “beam” visible on the icon could suggest an underwater light beam. The majority of the signs pointing to the new Sims 4 Pack being a Lost City of Atlantis is through the interpretation of the story.

  • In the story of Atlantis, Poseidon carved the mountain where his love dwelt into a palace and enclosed it with three circular moats of increasing width, varying from one to three stadia and separated by rings of land proportional in size. Not as convincing as the three suns, but it could work.
  • The reference in the Future Cube about “a gnome riding a llama” could hint at a Trojan Horse. Also, remember the code for horses appearing in the game code?
  • The Trojan War featured an “Elopement of Paris and Helen” – one of the Future Cube hints referenced an elopement.
  • Gameplay elements of living underwater already exist through the way pollution impact Sims.
  • Swimmable open water gameplay exists after being added in Island Living.
  • Sims could dive to explore the lost island – diving already exists.
  • Atlantis Paradise Island is an ocean-themed resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas and it is a popular destination to elope to. In fact, many travel agents offer elopement packages to the Bahamas/Atlantis.
  • There are swimming pigs in Atlantis in the Bahamas. While that doesn’t quite explain the “chef” element, the description of the Pig Chef object reads: Enlist the services of a charming personal chef. Jolly, pink and generously proportioned, this friendly companion has an appetite for finer morsels. Indulge him by writing on his ready little slab. Then wipe it clean and start afresh, for another day full of delights.
  • It’s a bit of a reach, but if we’re thinking “elopement” – as in the traditional wedding sense – Jolly could be a personal wedding planner.
  • A recent advert for a concept artist posted on EA’s official website required the applicant to “have an understanding of historical styles, and an ability to blend multiple styles or reinterpret them in a fresh and aesthetically pleasing manner” – which might tie in with an ancient Greek aesthetic which is likely to present in a historic world like Atlantis.
  • The three dots could also represent bubbles.
  • It’s also worth noting that the colours in the leaked Sims 4 game pack icon are swapped and the icon is encircled in an outline, a bubble if you will – which could be a hint in itself.

This screengrab from the Atlantis movie does have some similarities to the structures in the icon.

Image via Fandom

Sims 4 leaked Game Pack icon: Evidence that points to Star Wars

Overall, there is strong evidence for this pack and it does seem as if that’s the most hyped theory on the forums at present.

  • The three dots on the icon could be the suns from the planet Batuu.
  • The object on the left looks a lot like some of the structures on the planet while the object to the right could refer to the mountains for which the planet is known.
  • EA also owns the rights to Star Wars for video games.
  • A Sims 4 crossover with Star Wars would mean a major first.
  • One of the new hints from the Future Cube referenced ‘space?, which was thought at first to hint at bunk beds, but might hint at a space exploration pack of sorts.
  • Baby Yoda was added to the game as well as Star Wars costumes.
  • The pig chef which was shared to Twitter by one of the Sim Gurus.
  • The reference to ?the destination to elope or run away (in the French translation)? does seem to hint at Sims going to live somewhere else. In Star Wars, Batuu was a popular stopping point for those travelling to Wild Space and the Unknown Regions.
  • The trademark in the hint saying ?The Future is soon.?? could be a reference to EA owning the rights to Star Wars.
  • The hint about the pig could refer to Gammy, a Gamorrean (species in Star Wars) chef who was the first Gammorean to achieve the rank of Galactic gourmet.  
  • Gameplay could include things like lightsaber duels, the animations for this already exist through sword fighting.
  • It could be a “theme park” type of pack – perhaps not a livable world – something like the Disney World – as per the image below.

The resemblance is uncanny.

It does seem as if the pack hints towards Star Wars more than anything else and a build-your-own theme park would constitute a major first. Large elements that could be reused already exist in packs like Realm of Magic and Strangerville.

We continue to look for evidence.