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Sim Guru Ninja’s deleted Tweet was about the full moon

Is it a hint for a new Sims 4 pack or is it just…nothing? Sim Guru Ninja shared a Tweet about the full moon on Monday and speculation has gone into overdrive.

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Update: The Sims 4 will release the base game patch for April 2021 on Tuesday, 27 April. The Inside Maxis live stream will follow at 20:00 SAST (11:00 Pacific Time).

A since-deleted Tweet by Sim Guru Ninja has sent Sims Twitter into speculation overdrive. Many players expect The Sims 4 to make an announcement about the game?s next pack soon ? and there are a few theories floating around about what that might be.

There are increasing suggestions that the next Sims 4 pack could very well be werewolves. That theory was fuelled by Dave Miotke aka Sim Guru Ninja on Monday.

And while the Sim Guru insists it was not a hint and then deleted the Tweet, the deletion itself might even be a hint ? meta, we know ? stick with us.

Sim Guru Ninja?s deleted Tweet said: ?Full moon this morning as the sun came up. Was so bright!?

A picture of the full moon was also included. Ninja quickly responded with a follow-up Tweet that said: “lol – and no I’m not hinting. Was just a cool visual this morning.” The original about the full moon was later deleted which SGN was because he “did not want to send people into speculation overdrive” – but Simmers gonna speculate and the deleting might even be part of the hint in our theory.

Sims 4 new pack: Werewolves theory and hints

The now-deleted full moon Tweet comes on the back of an exchange about “redacted” Sims in a “redacted” world and a “redacted” pack. That was an exchange between Sim Guru George and Sim Guru Frost on Friday. The way the question was phrased might very well be a hint itself, but more on that later.

First, werewolves do not stay in their werewolf form forever, which is why deleting the Tweet might even be a little hint in itself. We know, very, very meta – and probably just us over analysing. But let’s carry on.

The official date for the full moon is actually 27 April 2021 and it’s not just any regular old full moon. It’s a Super Pink Moon. In mystical lore, the Pink Super Moon usually has a calming effect on werewolves with some of them not evening transforming when this moon appears. Super Moons, though, are much bigger than regular ol’ full moons, which could make lurch into lycanthropy a bit more powerful.

However, remember what we said about that redacted exchange between the Sim Gurus on Friday? Being a werewolf goes hand-in-hand with the full moon, obviously. Some lore specifically states that becoming a werewolf will be disruptive for “a three-day period” which is based on the full moon every twenty-eight days. Friday to Monday is three days, hrm.

There was also that Tweet from Spanish Sims that showed a hairy arm… and on second look, it was signalling three. What fun awaits, we’ll have to wait and see. And we should have some sense of what might be coming after this month’s base game update – set to be released on…yes… you guessed it – 27 April – full moon date.