The Sims 21st Birthday Poem

The Sims 21st anniversary live stream: Watch the recap here

Update: No body hair and only nine creators, full patch notes for The Sims 21st Anniversary update for The Sims 4 over here. Live stream also embedded below.

On Thursday, it will be 21 days since The Sims franchise turned 21 and to celebrate, the team will host a special live stream at 21:00 SAST (which is 11:00 Pacific Time, but come on..).

While details have been scarce so far, all will be revealed during the stream which will feature several EA Game Changers, according to the announcement on the official Sims Twitter account on Wednesday.

Three weeks ago, The Sims announced a partnership with a number of content creators to mark the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the popular simulation franchise. But who those creators are and what the collab entails has not yet been revealed. That’s not stopped anyone (including us) from speculating, though.

While it has not been confirmed (or denied), it is believed that one of the creators is Luumia, who is well-known for their body hair CC. On the day of the announcement, Luumia sent a Tweet which many believe suggested they are part of the group who were selected for the collab.

We also know that body hair is something The Sims 4 team acknowledged was missing from the game. Last year, Sim Guru Duke admitted that?The Sims 4 ?needs to deliver on body hair?.

There is also a long-running theory that next DLC might be something food-related. Or, if you are feeling really wild, you can follow us down the most unlikely path of a Pok?mon Pack (spoiler alert: almost certainly not gonna happen). Or, perhaps, something food-related could form part of the 21st-anniversary gift.

The 21st-anniversary event will be live-streamed on The Sims official Twitch account with a Sims 4 base game update expected to be released sometime on Thursday, too. The Sims confirmed that there will be “goodies and a live a stream” to mark the occasion.

If you have a mods folder full of stuff, you might want to prepare for the incoming update by checking out the Better Exceptions mod by TwistedMexi, which has now been released to the public.

Last year, for the game’s 20th anniversary, players were left somewhat disappointed with a mere hot tub gifted to The Sims 4 to mark the occasion, but players are hopeful that this year – with the franchise now officially considered an adult in most parts of the world – won’t be such a damp squib.

But hey, if all else fails, there is still the Sims NPC Twitter revolution to join. Or you can head down the rabbit hole and fix up your copy of The Sims 2 if you want to play on Windows 10, especially now that it’s been all but confirmed that it is unlikely to return to Origin.

Missed the stream? You can catch up over on the official Sims Twitch channel.