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An unlikely theory about a new Sims 4 pack: Pokemon of sorts

Sims 4 Pokemon Pack Theory

Before we get started with the most unlikely theory about upcoming Sims 4 content, please make sure you read the following words and then read it again. In fact, read the title again: we’re not even speculating from this universe.

This post is total speculation. While we are going to present what we believe to be evidence to back up our wild theory (in our alternate universe), it remains just that –  a theory.

We also get things very wrong, even when we supply ample evidence. For an example of this, see our Norse Mythology theory from last year, which turned out to be the Star Wars pack.

So, what follows is just that: a bit of frivolous speculation and as much as we appreciate angry e-mails, we are trying to manifest some positive energy here.

Right. With that out of the way, let’s get started on a highly unlikely theory about a new Sims 4 pack… if we all live din an alternate universe.

We know that there’s a 21st Sims franchise anniversary coming up and that the Sim Gurus are sharing so many food-related things that it’s hard to not suspect that they?re hinting at something?

But, do those Paranormal ghosties remind you of anything else?

Perhaps we?re the only ones who noticed this, but did those Paranormal ghosties that came with the Paranormal Stuff Pack remind you of anything else?

Specifically, the angry ones that appear on Haunted House Lots or while a Paranormal Investigator is out on a mission. You know, these ones.

Sims 4 Pokemon Pack Theory

We don’t know about you, and maybe we just have some deep, unresolved longing for something from our childhood, but we cannot look at those ghosties hitting fury mode without seeing this.

Sims 4 Ghosties Resemblence Pokemon Alternate Universe
Image via pokemon.fandom.com

If you don’t know what ?this? in the above image is, it’s a Pok?mon. Oh yes, we are going to go down that wild rabbit hole on a crazy speculation adventure, gotta catch ?em all.   

Voidcritters in The Sims 4 are basically Pok?mon

We are painfully aware that there is something Pok?mon-esque already present in The Sims 4. Voidcritters are monster card collectables that came with The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff, they even resemble many of the popular Pokemons and the item description references the “Gotta catch ’em all” catchphrase from the Pok?mon franchise.

Like we said before, this is all very, very out there speculation and worth entertaining only if we do end up transported to that alternate universe.

An unlikely theory: A Sims 4 Pok?mon pack

In isolation, the resemblance of the ghostie is probably just one of those things, especially since they also resemble the forest spirits that came with the Snowy Escape expansion pack. And, as we have mentioned already, even the Voidcritters make strong references to Pokemon.

But let’s dig a little bit deeper ? because that’s what this is all about in our alternate universe of Sims 4 speculation, right?

It is worth noting that many of these references might simply be a nod to Mt. Komorebi, the Snowy Escape expansion pack world. That is based on Japan where Pok?mon was conceptualised, after all.

If you play on PC, you might have noticed that ever since the UI update last year, one of the messages that appear on the welcome screen when you first load up the game reads: Oh! A wild [user name].

It is not the first reference of this in The Sims 4. One reference appears on the Cichlid mounted fish and another pops up when a Sim spots a mermaid sometimes.

Like the reference in the Voidcritter description, though, that phrase is more commonly associated with Pokemon, though. Of course, it might just be one of those things. Sometimes what we see as hints are just one of those things…. especially when we are speculating about the game in an alternate universe.

We have had a very light rummage through some of the in-game text and we could not find any reference to the word Pokemon in-game (other than the Poke Bowl), but we did find the words ?Pika pika?. Now, if a Pokemon pack is something you really want, please take this with not just a pinch of salt, but the whole shaker.

The text appears in the Real of Magic Game Pack, in reference to the untamed lightning spell. Of course Pikachu was the electric Pokemon who made the sound ?pika pika?, so this is probably just a bit of clever copywriting ? which The Sims is so good at.

The name ?Pikachu? also comes from  Japanese onomatopoeia: ???? (pikapika) ? so this could have also been a very early hint at Snowy Escape.

Some of the familiars in Real of Magic do also have some similarities to popular Pok?mons, but we would be lying if we said that it’s something we saw as ?evidence? for this totally wild theory.

In fact, these similarities are everywhere. Yamachan, the mascot from Snowy Escape, could be Clefairy in another life ? but that’s probably more to do with that specific style of Japenese cartoon characters.

Let’s be clear, though, there has never been any sort of suggestions that this kind of pack is even on the cards. And even in an alternate universe, we do not believe that it would be likely. Whether some inspiration might be taken from the trainer/travel/catch ’em all vibe that Pokemon is known for, well, that’s another speculation all on its own.

However, whether it’s just foolishness or poke-ing fun, following the announcement that bunk beds will be coming to The Sims 4 in late March 2021, Sim Gurus started referencing Pok?mon in their response to the bunk bed silhouette that featured the announcement.

Sure, we know… probably still unlikely. And hey, we’d love to have our ego so massively inflated that we’d think this was all a way to wind up one writer with a wild theory sitting at the other end of the world… but.. you know… you just never know.

But if you like reading about content Sims 4 speculation, a heroes/villains type of pack could fit the general theme of having to train up to face a ‘boss’ perhaps even with some elements from a Build Your Own Town Life sort of pack included. Yeah, we know… we can dream.

Note this post was first published at the start of February, but updated following the 21st Sims 4 anniversary patch.