Sims 4 Unlimited Money Cheat

Sims 4 unlimited money cheats: money 123456789

Want unlimited money in The Sims 4? You can make your Sims work for it (maybe with the help of some Sims 4 skills cheats or a few quick promotions by using career cheats in The Sims 4).

Or you can just straight up cheat and add however much money you want to your Sim’s household.

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You might already know about using the motherlode Sims 4 cheat. You might also know about the rosebud money cheat. But there is another way if you want to go big on your cheats.

If you want your Sims to be fabulously wealth and add unlimited Simoleons to your household this cheat will get you there instantly.

Remember, as with all other Sims 4 cheats, you first have to turn cheats on.

To do this, open the cheats console by entering ?Ctrl + Shift + C? on your PC or Mac, while in-game. This will bring up the cheat dialogue box where you can enter all the cheats you use for your game.

Next type testingcheats true into the dialogue box and hit enter. Sometimes you might need to use testingcheatsenabled true instead.

Sims 4: The ultimate cheat for unlimited money

With cheats enabled in your game, type the exact amount of Simoleons you want to your household to have after the word money.

If you want your household to have just 5000 Simoleons, you will use money 5000, for example. If you want 55 000 Simoleons, you will use money 55000.

This Sims 4 money cheat also works the other way around

If you are playing the Rags to Richest challenge and you need to get your household funds down to zero, this cheat can also be quite useful. All you need to do is type money 0 into the cheats dialogue.