Bella Goth Sims 4 Name In Different Languages

The Sims: Bella Goth has a different name in some translations of the game

If you have played any edition of The Sims, you probably know who Bella Goth is. Well, unless you only played The Sims 2 and you didn?t delve deeper into the mysterious missing person.

But we are not here today to try and solve the great mystery of Bella Goth. One day we might, but not today.

We are simply here to share a fun fact about Bella Goth. The Sims franchise has been translated into over two dozen different languages. In some of those translations, names of the pre-made Sims have been translated, too.

There are many fun facts about The Sims ? as you might expect for a game that has been going for over 20 years. But the translation of names of some of the game’s iconic Sims is one of our favs and you best bet we?ll be running a whole series of these.

Fun fact: Kerkhof directly translates to ?church yard? from both Dutch and Afrikaans.  Pretty apt, then.

The Sims names: Bella Goth in other languages

LanguageThe SimsThe Sims 2The Sims 3The Sims 4
EnglishBella GothBella GothBella BachelorBella Goth
Brazilian PortugueseLaura Caix?oLaura Caix?oLaura SolteirusLaura Caix?o
Chinese (Simplified)?? ??
Chinese (Traditional)?? ???? ???
CzechBella Gothov?Bella Bakal??ov?Bella Gothov?
DanishBella GothBella Sp?ghBella UngkarlBella Sp?gh
DutchCora van de KerkhofCora van de KerkhofCora VrijevogelCora van de Kerkhof
European PortugueseN/ABella GothBella Solteir?o
FinnishJohanna GoottilaJohanna GoottilaJohanna VapaalaJohanna Goottila
FrenchSonia GothikSonia GothikSonia GalantomeSonia Gothik
GermanJulia von SpinnwebBella GruselBella JunggesellBella Grusel
GreekBella GothBella Bachelor
Hebrew‘??? ???‘??? ?????? ??’???
HungarianBella GothBella Bachelor
ItalianDaniela AlberghiniDaniela AlberghiniDaniela BiancoDaniela Alberghini
Japanese?? ??????? ???? ??????? ??
(Bella Goshikku-ha)(Bella Goth)(Bella Bachelor)(Bella Goth)
Korean? ???? ???? ????? ??
NorwegianBella GothBella BastiansenBella Goth
PolishMajka ?wirBella ?wirBella KawalerBella ?wir
RussianBella GotBella GotBella KholostyakkiBella Got
(????? ???)(????? ???)(????? ??????????)(????? ???)
SerbianBela GotBela GotBela Ne?enjaBela Got
SpanishElvira L?pidaElvira L?pidaElvira De la SoledadElvira L?pida
SwedishBella Sp?khBella Sp?khBella UngkarlBella Sp?kh
Thai?????? ????????? ????????? ??????????????? ???
VietnameseBeo-la G?tBeo-la G?tBeo-la Ba-che l?Beo-la G?t

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