Sims 4 Body Hair Update

The Sims 4 will most likely add body hair in the future

Body hair is something The Sims 4 does not currently have, but players might be getting it in the future.

Update: There is some speculation that body hair might be coming to The Sims 4 with an update in 2021.

The Sims 4 has been on a mission to try and improve diversity in the game recently. One of the things the game has vowed to improve is its skin tones and the lack of representation and diversity.

Hundreds of new Sims 4 skin tones will be added to the game before the end of the year. Create A Sim will also get a slider for additional customisation options.

The first part of the update to the game?s skin tones did not go quite as planned though. It was meant to fix issues with blotchy skin tones already in the game, but many players pointed out that they did not notice much of a difference.

On Friday, Sim Guru Duke shared some insights about why these additional issues have cropped up and explained that there will be additional fixes for the blotchy skin tones in the game in November.

The Sims 4: Body hair a possible future addition

Sim Guru Duke also responded to players asking about other possible additions to The Sims 4. One of those is body hair.  Like many other things (cars, bunk beds, etc), body hair in The Sims 4 is one of the things on may players? wish list.

Sim Guru Duke admitted that The Sims 4 ?needs to deliver on body hair?.

“I agree, we need to deliver on body hair, and many other things to achieve our goal of diversity.  No one or even ten updates are going to “fix” diversity.  We will keep making progress and keep adding to the game. It is a long road,” he said.

Sim Guru Duke did not elaborate further on any expected timelines for The Sims 4 getting body hair added. The mechanics of this might be a bit more complicated than skin tones, though.

Sims 4 Body Hair Base Game

While modders have been adding body hair to the game for years, with the above screenshot being just one example from Pinkzombiecupcakes on TSR. For the game itself, though, things can get a bit more complex.

Nevertheless, Sim Guru Duke vowed that The Sims 4 team will not only continue working on improving realistic representation in the game, but also work on being better with communicating about these changes – even when things do not go as planned.

For the time being, if body hair is something you cant to add to your Sims 4 game, you can always use custom content.

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