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Sims 4 team busy with fix for broken windows after September patch

The Sims 4 team confirmed that they are aware of the issue with the September patch that broke all CC doors, arches and windows… and some of EA’s own items, too.

Sims 4 Broken Doors Arches Windows Sept Patch Includes Ea Items

The Sims 4 treated players to some free content in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month with their October patch. The update includes several new recipes, new CAS items and beautiful and bright new Build/Buy items.

The latest Sims 4 update also includes several bug fixes ? including the issue where Sims get a bit obsessed with things like baking if a Neighbourhood Action Plan has been enacted.

One bug that remains, though, is the glitch with custom content windows, doors and arches that lost their transparency. You might recall that the September update for The Sims 4 added the ability to stack windows on top of each other and on top of doors.

It was an update that was as thrilling as it was annoying for builders. The update pretty much ruined the aesthetics of all CC items in the door/arches/window category.

The team over at The Sims 4 Studio have been valiantly working on a batch fix to make life easier.

Sims 4 base game and DLC content also broken after September patch

But as it turns out, it?s not just custom content that was impacted by the update.

We recently noticed that some base game windows are being clipped, too, and later discovered that even some arches have also lost their transparency to an extent.

To be clear, all these items ? including the CC – remain usable, they just aren?t that appealing to look at in game.

Sim Guru Nick, one of the game?s Quality Designers, confirmed that the team is aware of the issue and are busy working on a fix. There?s no ETA on when the fix might be ready, though.

While this leans we might all have to be a little bit more patient for both the Sims 4’s own content and our much-loved CC to be fixed – it should give the kind and very generous folks over at The Sims 4 Studio some breathing space to try and figure it out all by themselves (for free!).