sims 4 build toy shop lights sign no mods

Sims 4 build ideas: Toy shop sign – no mods or CC

There’s a whole world of magic in The Sims 4 build mode, especially when using the debug cheat for some hidden objects.

But one of the simplest and coolest build tricks is creating signs out of simple wall lights. It requires a bit of fiddling and takes some time, depending on what your sign says and how particular you want the letter shapes to be, but it’s well worth the effort.

To make a sign out of lights, and with cheats turned on, use the [ or ] keys to size down wall lights. Then place them precisely by holding down ALT so that they form the shape of the letters you are writing out. Building a Sims 4 TOY shop sign in lights doesn’t require any mods and it is 100% base game friendly.

You aren’t restricting to just using round wall lights for writing the signs, of course. You can use any wall object. Round objects do work best for down sizing, though. Using the same object for all the letters is also a bit easier than randomly choosing objects.

Sims 4: Toy shop sign – no mods or CC needed

We’ve uploaded this Toy Shop sign to the official Sims 4 gallery. If you want to add it to your game, get it straight from the Sims 4 gallery by downloading it here.