This mod gives The Sims 4 careers a realistic overhaul

Money has always been kind of weird in The Sims. The Simolean exchange rate is just not something that doesn?t always make sense. While there have been some improvements, progressing through careers can feel a bit mundane sometimes.

If you do not play in Sims 4 Live Mode often, careers become a bit of a neither here nor there gameplay feature.

The Get To Work expansion pack did add a bit more fun with active careers, but overall, the gameplay is not as immersive as it could be.

But if you?re looking to give careers in The Sims 4 a bit of an overhaul, there’s a mod for that.

The Career Overhaul Suite by Kuttoe aims to make career progressions more challenging and engaging. It includes changes to pay rates to align careers better with their real-life counterparts and changes promotion goals and requires more skills to progress.

The mod also sees the return of one of the more loved/loathed (depending on how you play the game) features of the early editions of the game: friend requirements for promotions.

The mod requires several expansion packs and game packs to work though (details in the creator notes below), so it’s not going to shake up the base game. Still, if you have the packs and you’re looking to bring some more realistic career gameplay for storytelling, this mod will help.

ETM reviewed/tested:?No.

Full creator notes and download details for the Career Overhaul Suite mod can be found below.

Sims 4 Career Overhaul Suite Mod: Creator notes and download details

How to download: Available to download from the creator’s website.
Created by: Kuttoe

This mod is a comprehensive overhaul of the game’s careers aimed at making career progression more difficult and engaging. This includes a crunch down of all pay rates at lower levels, more exponential pay growth with promotion levels for most careers, a re-thinking of top-level pay rates to better align careers with their real-life counterparts and game requirements, higher skill requirements across the board, and brand new promotion goals like degrees, friends, and fame level.

Main Features

Pay Rate Changes

The hourly pay rates of every job have been completely retuned. Pay curves have been crunched down so that pay rates at lower job levels start lower and rise slower at first. Pay rates at top levels are even higher than normal, and base pay at level 10 have been realigned to better reflect real-life careers and game difficulty. Pay jumps tend to be right after the job requires a university degree or after you pick a branch. The overall pay for most careers now has a more exponential growth curve. Promotions now always ensure a higher weekly pay instead of losing money due to working fewer days, except in very rare instances for narrative reasons (e.g. leaving a software development job to become a professional gamer).

New Promotion Goals

Careers will now ramp up their skill requirements faster and will require a greater variety of skills and non-skill requirements. Athletes will need to stay in good shape, botanists will need to learn about herbalism, doctors will need a lot of education, several careers will require you to develop and maintain a certain level of fame, and business-focused careers see the return of a friend requirement.

Entertainers have had their skill requirements completely redone. Before your Sim enters a specific branch, any kind of performance skill at all will now satisfy the requirement instead of the specific combination of comedy and guitar. Musicians can learn any two musical skills in order to advance; if you want your Sim to be a rock star instead of a pianist, the guitar and singing skills will work just as well! Comedians will still need to learn comedy, of course, but will now require some Acting skill at higher levels.

Degree Reward Nerfs

Most careers will now require some kind of degree to reach the top, but the starting position for Sims with degrees is now far lower. Honors degrees and distinguished degrees still provide a greater bonus, but now most jobs start around level 4 or 5 with the relevant degree. Degrees still provide the same bonus to pay and vacation day accumulation, and playing for the college soccer and e-sports teams still provide the same starting position as before.

Coworker Changes

Sims will now meet their coworkers passively while working normally or working hard, but will not develop any relationship with them. Actively socializing with their coworkers will gain relationship at an increased rate.

Known Issues

The game isn?t really prepared for Sims to un-qualify for promotion goals. There’s a couple of oddities that can arise from that.

Sims who had careers before you installed the mod and had started progressing through some of their promotion goals will keep some of their goals in the complete state, even if they no longer qualify in the modded system.

Once Sims cross off a goal, it will stay crossed off for good, even if they wouldn?t be qualified at a later time (e.g. if a Sim loses their fame level and falls below the requirement). To counter this, there are duplicate goals on different career levels so you at least have to meet the requirement once per promotion.

If you notice any other issues, with goals or in general, please let me know!


  • English
  • Italian?(thank you, ISY!)
  • Other translations are welcome


This mod uses assets from a lot of different packs. At a minimum, you must have following packs installed:

  • Get To Work
  • City Living
  • Get Famous
  • Discover University
  • Eco Lifestyle
  • Outdoor Retreat
  • Spa Day
  • Parenthood

Additional Credits

Andrew and The Sims 4 Studio team for making?Sims 4 Studio Alphabetsmells/LeRoiDeTout?for his consistent help on the script portion of my mods and the?Deaderpool creator community?for being supportive and helpful