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Sims 4 cars update: There are a lot of cars in speech bubbles suddenly

While Simmers are waiting to find out what the new Sims 4 game pack will be, the Sims themselves seem to be thinking and talking about cars quite obsessively.

sims 4 base game cars no mods

Simmers are still waiting anxiously to find out what the new Sims 4 game pack will be after an unidentified icon was accidentally leaked over two weeks ago. There have been no new hints form Sim Gurus and not even a teaser to suggest when new information might be available.

It has been a frustrating time, especially with the radio silence that followed a slew of hints which made little sense.

But if Simmers are looking for something different to keep the excitement going, there?s an interesting trend we spotted recently. A lot of conversations and thoughts in The Sims 4 seem to be featuring cars in the bubbles all of a sudden.

We know that ever since the release of the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, Simmers have been hopeful that cars might be coming to The Sims 4 soon. The trailer of that pack and the world features not only several static cars, but driveways, too.

The Sims 4: How cars could work

Driveways adding to the possibility of cars coming to The Sims 4 is especially pertinent since the game?s developers have said in the past that making space for them in the worlds was one of their biggest challenges.

Let?s look back to a thread from the Sims forums in 2014, not long after The Sims 4 was released.

On that thread, developers actively engaged with the community, answering questions and explaining the process of getting things to work in The Sims 4. Yes, really. Hard to believe now considering the lack of communication, but let?s look specifically about a question around cars in The Sims 4.

A developer explained:

?The main problem with cars is making room for them in the world – parking, driveways, garages, streets, routes.

?The main issues relate to the layout of the player’s lot, the lot boundary with the street, and how to standardize parking spaces both on-lot and along the street so cars don’t clip into each other or the ambient traffic.

?There is additionally some animation cost to animate Sims getting in and out of cars, but that?s not too bad. We also need to animate the cars driving, but that is also not too bad since wheels turning and rotating is very simple.?

Sims 4 cars: Routes and driveways

As previously mentioned, this issue has been solved. There are parked cars in almost every world.

Sims 4 Cars Parking Lots Eco Lifestyle

In Eco Lifestyle, the so-called  ?shell lots? all seem to have standardised driveways and the parking areas where cars line up together seem to fit nicely. One of the debug objects that came with Eco Lifestyle is even a “parking lot” stop thing (the technical term, obviously).

Animations for cars in The Sims 4

In City Living and all other worlds, cars do drive around the streets. They stop at lights and function as you expect cars would function in The Sims 4.

Sims 4 Cars Update City Living 2

Adding Sims to go into a ?rabbit hole? when they enter the car would not be too much of a stretch now that the cars move. All that is left if the thread still holds true is to add the getting in and out of the vehicle animation.

Sims 4 cars: Speech bubbles and thoughts about them

I personally play mostly as a builder, so the speech and thought bubbles with cars might have been around in this frequency much longer. But while playtesting a build on Monday, the car bubble appeared twice in quick succession.

Sims 4 Cars Bubbles

To test the theory of whether car speech bubbles are appearing quite  often in The Sims 4 recently, we picked families at random in different worlds and let them do autonomous things.

We watched both the Sims in question and those around them. In every world we tested so far, it didn?t take long for a car bubble to appear.

Sims 4 Cars Update

Cars in speech bubbles in The Sims 4 appeared in both the conversations and thoughts of the active Sim as well as passing Sims. We let the conversations be completely autonomous ? the cars appeared every single time.

Adults, children and Sims of all ages had the same car thought or speech bubble.

It did not seem to matter where the Sims were either. At home, on a date, having a swim? all of them were thinking about cars in The Sims 4.

Sims 4 Cars Update

Now, of course, we know that not everything is a hint. But when the picture is pieced together and there is no other information forthcoming from official channels, we have got to try and find something to look forward to.

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