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Sims 4 Maxis Match CC: Vintage style clothes for male and female Sims

If you're looking for stylish vintage-inspired clothes for The Sims 4, HappyLifeSims has some stunning Maxis Match CC to choose from.

Sims 4 Vintage Fashion Maxis Match Cc

One of the best things about The Sims, aside from building of course, is being able to live a vicarious life of a fashionista through your Sims.

Even if your choice of uniform is ?anything comfortable?, our Simself can wear the highest of heels with their everyday outfit and pair it with that horrific eyeball ring to boot.

If you love a vintage look but: a. can?t be bothered with all the effort required to look like you?ve just stepped off the set of The Crown and b. prefer spending your money on Sims 4 DLC rather than clothes, then your world is about to change.

We are always on the lookout for talented Sims 4 CC creators and we have found a new favourite.

Sims 4 fashion: Vintage style Maxis Match CC

HappyLifeSims has some of the most gorgeous Sims 4 CC clothing we have seen in a long time. Here’s the lovely Bella Goth and her husband modelling some threads from a few of the creator’s collection.

The Goths Go Vintage Sims 4 Cc

The best part of this lovely Vintage CC for The Sims 4 is that HappyLifeSims have a decent (and equally stylish!) selection of stuff for male Sims, too. The above is just a small taste of what you can find – and there is much, much more to choose from. The screenshot below shows a few additional items.

Sims 4 Vintage Fashion Maxis Match Cc

While they keep things super simple with the swatches (that’s the best way, really), their CC outfits for the Sims 4 takes a lot of inspiration from the 1920s and beyond.

From the classic “Flapper” evening dress to the iconic Marilyn Monroe halter and the suspenders and hat set ? if you?re looking for Sims 4 CC to suit your Pride and Prejudice storyline, look no further.

There are some modern options, too, of course. But let?s not spoil this delightful find any further. Checkout HappyLifeSims over on Tumblr for some delightful creations, darling.

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