Sims 4 Country Kitchen Kit: Generations hint in descriptions?

There has been a lot of speculation about the possibility of a Generations style pack coming to The Sims 4 in the not so distant future. As you well know, object descriptions in packs often hint at future content – with the most recent example being the Paranormal Plates that came with The Sims 4: Snowy Escape.

The new Sims 4 Kits, which released on Tuesday, features a whole lot more. The Sims 4: Country Kitchen Kit specifically, is packed with lore and legend and references to generations and families.

With the confirmation of bunk beds coming to the game in an update scheduled for late March and the fact that Sim Gurus have previously said the Parenthood pack is not considered the same as a Generations pack… well, there’s a lot of reason to be hopeful that The Sims 4 might very well be getting Generations soon.

We’ll include all the descriptions for the objects that came with The Sims 4 Country Kitchen Kit below (because object descriptions don’t get enough credit for their wit), but we’ll break it down further in the parts where the references are strong.

Sims 4 Country Kitchen Kit: Generations references everywhere

The most interesting part with the Generations references is the addition of background and lore – including with the new families added in The Sims 4.

Country Charm Cabinet

This well-loved open-style cabinet’s got nothing to hide! Bring a bright, airy look to your space that says: Here I am, world, and I’ve got baskets!

Country Charm Kitchen Island

 Bring your kitchen back to basics in the best way! Whether you’re baking a pie, several pies, a pie baked inside of a cake or several pies baked inside a tower of cakes, this kitchen island is here for you. It is also suitable for non-pie endeavours if you’re into that kind of thing.

Country Charm Counter

This vintage wooden counter has lots of tall tales to tell, gossip to gab about and several secret recipes whispered to it over the years, but unfortunately, it’s just a kitchen counter that was never given the gift of speech. While it can’t talk, it can serve as a great, flat surface to rest stuff on and prep delicious foods.

 Country Charm Fridge

Not your grandparent’s fridge – but close! They really don’t make ’em like they used to, so why not go retro? With double French doors and a delicate design, this fridge will be the heart of your country kitchen or a welcome twist on a modern space. Just look at those little feet!

Heritage Bread Box

 If you find yourself in a jam, or in a crumby situation where everything’s gone a-rye, take it with a grain of salt and reach for your bread-box. The love of a good loaf is the best thing since sliced bread.

Granny’s Cozy Casserole Dish

Who needs fine china with a casserole dish this cute? Passed down through generations of foodies, this twee floral-print dish will feel at home on any kitchen counter top. But a dish is only as good as what’s inside it, so make sure you put your kitchen to good use! And let us know what time supper is…

Heritage Flour Tin

Whether you’re milling your own flour or stocking up on store-bought, this sweet little tin might be the most romantic flour arrangement out there.

Handy-Dandy Flower Caddy

This repurposed toolbox reminds us that some problems can’t be fixed by tools, but can be helped by fresh flowers. Except if you have allergies?in which case, a bouquet of wrenches might be better.

Bountiful Bucket

Farm-fresh foods the old-fashioned way: in a bucket! Forget the fancy pantry. Four out of five kitchen stylists agree that if you really want to go for a charming, rustic look, put it in a bucket. Apples? In a bucket. Potatoes? Bucket. Lemons? Bucket. Pumpkins? Bucket. A bunch of smaller buckets? Hmm. You might be better off storing those in a shed.

Nicki Knack’s Anything ‘n Everything Jar

Suitable for storing anything and everything! But that wasn’t always the case. Generations ago, this was a storage jar for buttons and only buttons. One day, a young lady named Nicki Knack tried to put a knitting needle into the jar and was met with much disdain from her parents who lectured her about proper storage etiquette. When Nicki asked why the jar was solely designated for buttons, her parents were shocked. That’s the way it has always been!\  they both were quite taken aback, but after a few months of introspection, the Knack family realized their daughter had a point. Why couldn’t the jar be used for anything? n Even though it was quite unheard of to change organization techniques, Nicki started a revolution. Today, the jar can be used for anything and everything.

Country Charm Shelf

No country kitchen would be complete without a floral motif wooden shelf. This particular shelf was featured in The Sim-ple Life Magazine where it enjoyed a two-page spread as part of the annual Shelf Esteem edition.

Country Charm Sink

Great stoves often get a lot of credit for making a good kitchen feel homey, but we think it’s really the kitchen sink that should get a medal of recognition. Don’t let its prim appearance fool you. This sink has tackled the toughest of dirty dish disasters over the years with only minor wear-and-tear. Battle scars.

Pancakes at Dawn Stove

So the story goes, a land dispute over a hundred years ago caused quite the kerfuffle when the Tinker family and Landgraab family could not come to an agreement on whose land parcel was whose. When an ancestor of the Tinker family planted a crab-apple tree on the border, things got quite rowdy. The Landgraabs sent strongly worded letters which eventually resulted in the Tinkers challenging the Landgraabs to a duel by way of pancakes. The two families met at dawn on the 21st of December, 1917, and cooked up a storm on this very stove! After rigorous judging, it was determined that the Landgraab family recipe was the winner, and so the disputed land was turned over to them. Years later rumours began circulating that the Landgraabs stole their pancake recipe from the Jacquet family, but nothing has been proven.

Whew, where to even begin. First, this writer is just too intrigued that the date of the titanic family battle is the say as her birthday. Well, the day and month anyway… the year… err… not so much.

From the references to “generations ago”, the detailed descriptions of family traditions and the references to heritage – this is either one of the more blatant hints (like those Paranormal Plates) or it’s one of the biggest wind ups since Sim Guru George’s random collection of objects.