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Sims 4 December 2020 update: Changes to UI and interface

The Sims 4 menu has a new look after the December 2020 update.

Sims 4 Update New Ui December 2020 (6)

The December update for The Sims 4, released by surprise a day early, has brought a whole new look to the game?s UI, along with all the other changes.

In the official patch notes for the update, the team said the idea behind the change was to add a more ?cohesive? experience for players.

The interface when the game is first loaded up has shifted the options for ?Load Game? and ?New Game? to the right of the screen on PC.

The gallery is also featured far more prominently on the home screen, making for easier access and more visibility for Spark’d Challenges.

Sims 4 Update New Ui December 2020 (9)

The biggest change, though, is the way DLC owned by players is now displayed. Gone are the tiny icons reminding you of all The Sims 4 packs you do not own yet. Players can toggle between “My Home” and “Packs” from the welcome screen and then filter the add ons according to type.

Sims 4 Update New Ui December 2020 (2)

All DLC, including expansion packs, game packs and stuff packs, have each been given their own tab in a much larger view. Clicking on each pack cover opens an additional screen which displays all content included with the pack, filtered by Create-a-Sim and Build Mode.

Sims 4 New Ui Dlc Filters

The patch notes explained the update to The Sims 4 home screen UI as follows:

We have updated the Main Menu!? Again! The idea behind this change is to create a more cohesive experience and give Packs a more proper space as we continue to grow our content lineup. As a nice bonus, we highlighted the Gallery in a more meaningful way to inspire you.

Much of the rest of the interface remains the same, however, including the OK loading screen. Ok.

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