The Sims 4 Discover University: First trailer guide and features

All images have been taken as screenshots from the trailer or from the pre-order listing on Origin We will also keep updating this article as we notice additional things in the trailer.

After weeks of speculation and leaks, The Sims 4 finally confirmed that the much-anticipated expansion will be released on 15 November 2019. Ahead of the official announcement, leaks revealed some of what to expect, but the official trailer, released on Tuesday, gave Simmers their first real look at what to expect.

There’s a lot to get through ? and a lot still to be revealed, especially in terms of gameplay, but let’s run through some of the things that stood out in The Sims 4 University trailer

The Sims 4 Discover University: The world

We already know that there will be two institutions to choose from  – University of Britechester or Foxbury Institute. What we don’t know for sure is how the worlds will work. Will time stand still while Sims are whisked off to study? Or will it mesh together like Jungle Adventure does?

The trailer and the first screenshots did reveal a quick look at the world, though. The video trailer makes it look like this will be a really expansive world, but how much of it will be residential or even customisable we haven?t been told. Remember, Sims can live both on and off campus ? which suggests that there should be several lots to get stuck into.

The Sims is somewhat notorious for showing things in the trailers that never make it into the game. One thing stands out immediately when looking at the world screenshot, though – the walkway. While it is technically possible to build walkways like this in The Sims 4, it can be quite an arduous process.

The trailer doesn?t reveal whether the building we see is one of the institutions or the dorms or both. All three are possible. The trailer does not reveal how much Simmers will be able to customise on these buildings or even the dorms either. It does, however, give us a peek into the dorms.

Again, there isn’t much to reveal what level of customisation will or won’t be possible, but can we just take a moment to appreciate the nod to the soccer World Cup?

In the dorm screenshot, we also see a Sim with a robot arm. We know there is an ?engineering? career coming, likely to feature robotics strongly.

The robot arm looks interesting on its own, but could also add another level of gameplay. Perhaps the robot arm will do its own thing if it’s built badly by a Sim with a low skill level.

The robots

We might as well lead straight into this. The screenshot of what appears to be an engineering classroom looks absolutely incredible. Just look at the blueprints and the maps on the walls.  It also features a rather tense-looking student working on a robot. OG Simmers will remember good old Servo (oh when you discovered you could cheat money and buy a Servo without having to work for it). Perhaps Servo is making a comeback.

The activities

The official Sims 4 Discover University screenshots also feature the common room, it seems. Here we see that juice pong and ping pong is making a comeback.

the sims 4 trailer video guide

Soccer is also back. Do you recognise this Sim from the trailer? That looks a lot like Morgan, the Sims who appeared in the gallery during a recent revamp from the team.

And wait a second… is this guy carrying a sketchbook on his way to art class?

The mini fridge

The leaks mentioned them…. now we have a first look at them. Adorable.

The Sims 4: Bikes

Betcha didn?t see this coming? Loved that bit of cheek from the trailer song. Bikes! Imagine. The Microsoft leak revealed that bikes would be a part of the expansion, but the trailer gives us the first look at how they might work. The full interaction with bikes hasn?t been revealed, but we do know that apparently they?ll get a cute new kickstand animation.

New interactions

This part of the trailer, where the young robotics engineer gets pulled into a steamy shower seemingly suggests that shower woohoo is also making a comeback.

Debating, crying in the bathroom and, of course, graduating all feature as part of the trailer, too.

sims 4 study from books

Oh and it seems like Sims will be able to study from actual books and not just from their laptops.

Who can go to University?

By the looks of the trailer, it appears as if University will be confined to Young Adults only. While that is understandable, it would be a bit of a letdown. University might traditionally be for youngsters, but many adults also spend time at Uni ? whether that’s doing a PHD or getting a second or third degree.

What about bunk beds?

Uh oh. A big one many Simmers have been begging for. The trailer doesn?t reveal anything about bunk beds or murphy beds.  

The Sims 4 University CAS additions

If you play with mods, you might not have noticed at first, but there is an eyebrow piercing lingering in the trailer. Loads of new hairstyles and beautiful clothes all look very promising.