Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion: First thoughts review

We?ve barely had a chance to get our heads around the Sims 4 June patch and all its epic features and now we?re getting stuck into the new Sims 4 expansion pack ? Eco Lifestyle.

First things first, we had no early access privileges and we?re not associated or affiliated with EA’s Game Changers programme in any way. We?ll be taking the pack for a deep dive over the weekend so if you?re wondering about which ?Sims 4 expansion pack is best to buy, we?ll add our thoughts on its pros and cons in the coming days.

We?ve had taken the pack for a super quick test drive, though, and want to share our first impressions. This is meant to be a super quick and dirty first impression ? we?ve spent 30 minutes at most with the pack so far.

What we love

The world is really cool. As a builder at heart, this world is just made for getting super creative. From steampunk to super modern-eco ? it’s absolutely gorgeous. The uniqueness of each neighbourhood adds to that even more.

Build mode is a little underwhelming. While there are some nice assets, they share a lot of similarities and the swatches don’t all blend together as nicely as we?d hoped.

That said, the mix-and-match vibes kinda adds to the rustic-ness of some of the build styles this pack offers.

What we need to check out more

The gameplay is one of the pack’s biggest appeals, but even with trying to nudge the process along through cheats, it’s going to take some time to explore all the different outcomes of neighbourhood action plans and how Sims respond to them and their outcomes.

What we haven?t looked at

We haven?t spent any time in Create-A-Sim and we?ve not touched any of the new skills/careers.

Would be buy it again?

Off the bat? Absolutely. There’s enough in the gameplay and the build-buy mode to appeal to all the things we love most about the Sims – the ability to control and shape the game exactly how you want it.