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The Sims 4 get eco-living: Ladders, worms, candles, death by flies – things spotted in the trailer

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion is a curious new pack for the franchise. We’re looking if we can spot any hints that might suggest what the future holds.

sims 4 eco lifestyle expansion

Note: We’ll update this post as we spot other interesting bits.

It’s official. The ninth expansion pack in The Sims 4 will be called Eco Lifestyle and will launch on 5 June 2020. The official trailer was released on Tuesday, 6 May 2020. As is always the case with these trailers, Simmers have been going over it with a fine-toothed comb – a bamboo one in this case.

While many Simmers had hoped for a farming orientated pack, which might still come, this pack is a whole new level for the franchise. Exactly how it is all going to come together we don’t know just yet, but we have spotted a few interesting bits and pieces.

First things first. Let’s rewatch the official Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle (we’re gonna have to stop calling it Sims 4 Eco Living).

There’s a lot going on… so time to break it all down.

Are those ladders?

Ladders and bunk beds – two of the most in-demand features for The Sims 4. It wasn’t confirmed that they will be part of the pack, but let’s take a look at this screen grab from the trailer shall we?

Take a closer look at the house in the corner. And remember what the Future Cube hinted at? Climbing up one rung at a time?

It looks very similar to the deck ladders that came with Island Living…but those were only usable on water lots. Here’s a look at somebody using the ladder-like thing… not a very ladder-like animation… but… look.

Worms, bugs and butterflies – but not chickens?

Many users thought they saw a chicken coup in the trailer, but on closer inspection, it seems it’s a sort of worm farm… although… worms can be food for chickens, right? Yep, this dude sure loves his worm. Are those silk worms? Does that mean we might be able to spin silk when the Nifty Knitting pack comes out? Or is it a compost bin with worms? But why are the worms looking like they’re glowing? So. Many. Questions.

Do the worms evolve into butterflies if you care for them (and presumably your world)? This screenshot also shows a sort of bug farm in the right corner. At first glance it looks like the pupa… but zoom in and it seems more bug like…crickets… possibly.

Death by flies

A Sims pack isn’t complete without a new death… and this one looks particularly grim. Part of the appeal of this pack is that the world will change based on the decisions your Sims make… or don’t make. Island Living offered similar gameplay, with Sulani changing as Sims clean up after themselves.

It’s not clear whether this will be restricted to the new neighbourhood, like it is in Island Living. But all Sims will probably run the risk of dying by flies. Gross.

We’ve seen this death in the franchise before – back in The Sims 2.

Candle making with wax that actually melts

It’s the little things that make the game. And this is one of the cutest little details we’ve seen in a long time. It seems like the pack will offer Sims the chance to make their own candles… cool as that is… the wax on these candles actually melt. Pretty friggin cool.

New sort of bikes… and are those eggs?

Clutter freaks who like a dystopian style build will be itching to get started with the hidden objects in this pack – it looks absolutely packed with all sorts of fun stuff. It also looks like there is a new bike (solar powered perhaps?) for Sims to use. And… wait a minute… are those…. eggs?

Here’s that bike in action.

Communal garden

This is super cute. It’s not yet clear what new gameplay features the game will bring, but we do know it will feature some sort of communal aspect. Discover University brought back roommates, but that system still doesn’t allow for Sims to live “townhouse style”. This screengrab shows the communal garden as well as the solar panels.

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