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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Look at a pollution-free Willow Creek

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle pack will bring changes to all the other worlds in the game. But what might those be?

sims 4 eco lifestyle willow creek swimming

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack is almost here. Well, we say almost. It’s being released on 5 June 2020, so kinda almost.

While we’re all holding our breath to find out when the gameplay live stream for the new eco-focused expansion will happen, it seems Sim Guru George has shared a glimpse of how the pack will affect other worlds.

The big feature from the upcoming expansion is that pollution will affect all worlds. That’s a pretty big deal. Now, while it is a bit odd that things will get polluted when the Sims don’t actually have many things that cause pollution (not yet anyway), the far-reaching consequences of this expansion pack is something that many players find appealing.

Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Willow Creek looking fine and pollution free

Sim Guru George (who will lead the game play trailer, all being well), shared a little GIF on Twitter of Willow Creek looking sparkly. Both of these GIFs focus in on the lake. Does this suggest Sims might be able to swim in the lake, if they clean up their world?

Open-water swimming was introduced with The Sims 4 Island Living. Well, we say that. Ocean swimming came with that expansion and Discover University had a lake Sims could swim in.

Sims can only go knee or waist deep into water in certain areas around Magnolia Promenade, Willow Creek, and Windenburg.

Might this be a hint that this will change with a new update or the expansion? Or is it just showing us how much more sparkly worlds might look if Sims take care of them in the Eco Lifestyle expansion? Sim Guru George quite obviously wanted the “green” part to be noticed. Maybe Sims will only be able to swim if they keep the world green. So many questions.

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