Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Pollution and aurora lights in other worlds

The new Sims 4 expansion pack, Eco Lifestyle will be released on 5 June 2020. While we?re still waiting to hear when the gameplay live stream will happen, Sim Guru George has been teasing some of the effects the pack will have on other worlds.

It has been confirmed that the Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle will bring pollution to all the existing worlds, so it seems natural that all the good stuff from the pack will come to other worlds, too.

One of the most beautiful visuals we saw in the teaser was the aurora lights. Sim Guru George shared a GIF of the lights in Willow Creek. The day before, he also shared two GIFs of Willow Creek looking a bit greener than usual.

Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Aurora lights in all worlds

Here’s the little GIF. Looks stunning.

The ninth expansion pack of the popular simulation franchise is all about giving players the chance to choose how to shape their Sims’ worlds. The new pack will also feature “community spaces” where Sims can have community gardens and, presumably, sell their crafts.

Sims can pursue the freelance “crafter” career – making candles, fizzy juices, upcycled objects, and perhaps some sort of weird lab-grown meat.