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Eco Lifestyle expansion: Are Sims obsessing over the Future Cube again?

What are the Sims up to now? They seem to have developed a new obsession with the Future Cube.

sims 4 future cube questions june 2020

A few weeks ago, eagle-eyed Simmers noticed that the Future Cube had been given an update. Sims could ask the cube about the future (we know, amazing) and a string of answers appeared which we now know hinted at all the future content to come.

The amazing Sims 4 June patch and the Eco Lifestyle expansion was released this week ? both which had hints about what they contained in the Future Cube questions.

But is there something more afoot? Having played the new Eco Lifestyle expansion only a bit, we couldn?t help but notice that there was some sort of weird obsession with the Future Cube by random Sims on the Community Space lot.

We spotted at least three Sims shaking a cube within minutes of each other. Neither of the two Sims we got a screengrab of looked particularly impressed with whatever answer they got.

sims 4 future cube questions june 2020

Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: What?s the Future Cube saying now?

We got our Sim to ask some questions herself, but nothing new popped up immediately. The “Ask About The Future” interaction churned out the same answers it has been doing while the more generic question returned the answers: Wow! You have so much to look forward to! and Things look so very, very hopeless. Oh well!

sims 4 future cube questions june 2020

Have your Sims been behaving strangely around the Future Cube since the June patch or since you?ve added Eco Lifestyle to your game? Send us a message if you spot any odd behaviours. Well, odder than what is usually odd for Sims anyway.

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