Sims 4 houses: Real-life renders of iconic lots

The new Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack will take building to a whole new level. As will the Sims 4 June patch which will allow for the placing of windows and doors without snapping to the grid.

We all love finding real-life inspo for builds, but what about doing things the opposite way around? Yep, what would it look like if somebody took those (sometimes dodgy) EA builds and rendered them into real-life architecture?

Turns out somebody did just that. Not all of these renders are based on The Sims 4 houses, there are a few throwbacks to OG Sim houses here too.

5 Sim Lane ? The Goth Family Home

sims 4 houses in real life pictures

The Goth family’s original Addams Family-inspired home was at 5 Sim Lane. There’s plenty to inspire real-life, non-ghoulish families, too – from Cassandra’s dollhouse-within-a-(virtual)-dollhouse to the family’s clawfoot Sani-Queen Bathtub.

5 sim lane goth family home in real life

This two-story, Neo-Queen Anne-style house comes with the distinguishing feature of its own graveyard. We?ve tucked it out of sight, preferring to foreground Mortimer’s classical 3-tier stone water feature. And the signature single-story part to the right of the GIF contains a dining room to die for.

215 Sim Lane ? The Pleasant Family Home

sims 4 houses in real life pictures

The Pleasants are Sim Lane’s own ?Laura Palmer family? ? from the outside, they seem to be the perfect suburban upper-middle-class family but, behind closed doors, they?re highly charged and dysfunctional. The doors in question belong to a Tudor-style house with a Federal-style stone extension.

215 Sim Lane ? The Pleasant Family Home in real life

The home benefits from full-length portrait windows, including the beamed dormers on the top floor. The Pleasants have their master bedroom downstairs, leaving the run of the second floor for their rebellious children.

Sultry Springside ? The Caliente Household

sims 4 houses in real life pictures

Sultry Springside is home to twins Dina and Nina Caliente and their bookish roomie, Luisa Libros. Never mind love triangles ? the love geometry between these three women and their numerous shared lovers would be enough to fascinate any slide rule-wielding architect.

Their Mediterranean-style mansion has three double bedrooms upstairs and a single downstairs. This style of home originated in the 1920s, inspired by Spanish and Italian villas and funded by America’s booming economy. The Calientes? terracotta tiled roof and stucco walls are typical of this house type and look great in the sun.

Affluista Mansion – The Landgraab Family Home

sims 4 houses in real life pictures

The palm tree-lined yard of the Landgraabs? modernist complex ranch is bordered with tall fences. The high tops will discourage any intruder who fancies a swipe at the family’s massive wealth. The natural stone veneer of the house helps it blend into the landscape ? as far as a three-story mansion can ?blend in.? This use of a natural veneer recalls the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra.

Indoors, the Landgraab home is notorious for its ugly patterns and strange layouts. In other words, it is ripe for a renovation. But follow the path outside and behind the house, and you might just stumble upon a forgotten grotto.

101 Road To Nowhere ? The Smith Family Home

sims 4 houses in real life pictures

Strangetown’s resident family guy/alien, Pollination Tech#9 Smith, lives at 101 Road To Nowhere with his human wife and mixed-species children. Their home actually looks very down-to-earth. It’s a New England-style four-bedroom family house with traditional sash windows, finished with weatherboard cladding.

Pollination Tech#9 seems drawn to human distractions. There are a swimming pool and an ?Execuputter? golf putting machine in the back garden. But other than that, the Smith home is decorated modestly. There is perhaps no greater pleasure for Mr. Smith than lounging on the front veranda, clipping coupons, or chilling with his offspring.

150 Main Street – Don Lothario’s Home

sims 4 houses in real life pictures

The living quarters of Don Lothario’s condo, apart from the bedroom, cover the first floor. Don’s yellow couch, green fridge, and toaster oven yell ?bachelor? and are a shameful use of a potentially stylish interior. Time for some new appliances, Don!

With so much going on downstairs, the only room needed on the second floor is Don’s bedroom. Outside the bedroom is a second-floor rooftop deck, the perfect place for Don’s all-important hot tub. There is also a staircase leading to a second deck: Don’s observatory, complete with telescope, perfect for gazing back up at the real world beyond the virtual dollhouse.

This article first appeared on It was first published on this site in May 2020 and was subsequently republished in February 2021, for the 21st anniversary of The Sims.