Hwasa Sims 4 New December Colab

The Sims reveal new Hwasa collab with new Play With Life music video

Whether or not this has anything to do with the hints (that might not be hints at all) we have been seeing from some Sim Gurus, The Sims 4 have announced a collaboration with K-Pop icon, Hwasa from the group MAMAMOO.

In a new post on Twitter, The Sims 4 shared a new Hwasa music video called “Play With Life” – the official tagline for the game. It’s not the first time The Sims 4 and Hwasa have worked on two projects together this year. Both of those were advertisements for The Sims 4.

Watch: Hwasa x The Sims 4 collab music video

There has been quite a bit of speculation that the new Sims 4 pack could feature bands or something like Highschool Musical (or a mix of the two).

The Play With Life theme, however, is something that’s featured quite prominently in a lot of The Sims 4’s advertising ever since the game rebranded in 2019.

This partnership also includes additional content from the official Sims gallery. Simmers can find the content using the #hwasaholiday. There will also be a competition for Simmers to make an album cover for the new theme song. Here’s an update from Naver (translated with Google Translate).

?Attention? From December 22nd, we will be holding the album cover making challenge . Take the last period of the PLAY WITH LIFE soundtrack with Hwasa ! Create special goods and special holiday memories that cannot be purchased! Details will be released on EA Korea Naver Post on Tuesday , December 22nd.